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The New Kid On The Block

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 20:27 -- Laura M. Pulliam

A few months ago, my family and I visited a new church building that had just opened its doors about a month prior. The entryway was tastefully decorated, not too busy. The canned lighting in the hallway was a nice touch. The walls were a calming shade of soft grey. All of these things were great, but the thing my eye was almost immediately drawn to… was the floor!

“Is this real wood?” I wondered out loud. It extended from the front door to the sanctuary and then down one hallway to the coffee and dining areas. Having lived in a home with wood floors, I knew it couldn’t possibly be “real” -- it would take far too much traffic and spills in its lifetime. Yet I was so impressed with the hand-scraped, reclaimed wood look of this flooring that I had to find someone on the building committee just to find out!

If you’re at all experienced in construction or commercial building management, I’m sure you already know what I did not at the time. The flooring in this church building is called luxury vinyl tile (or LVT) and, in my follow-up research, I have learned that it is sometimes jokingly called the “dark horse” of the flooring world. Many believe this is the commercial flooring of the future.

Similar to VCT in its composition, this low-maintenance, highly-durable flooring is making waves in the commercial (and now even residential) markets. Though it looks remarkably like wood or other types of porous flooring, it is completely waterproof as well as scratch and stain resistant. The vinyl even has an added protective layer of UV-cured polyurethane so, unlike VCT, it does not need to be stripped and waxed in order to maintain its durability.

One of the most fascinating things about LVT is just how realistic it looks. This flooring typically comes in “planks” that have the appearance of wood, stone, or even concrete. Utilizing some of the same technology that made laminate wood-look floors popular, the image itself is a photographic image under the protective layer. LVT excels over laminate, however, because it is impervious to spills!

In addition to being waterproof, LVT is easy to maintain. This makes it ideal in high-traffic areas such as hallways, waiting rooms, entryways, and even classrooms. LVT should be swept or vacuumed frequently and mopped with a “two-bucket” system to ensure that any neutral cleaner residue be washed away. The amount of traffic will determine the frequency required.

Even though it made its first appearance on the market as far back as the 1970s, LVT is still considered the “new kid on the block” by some flooring professionals. However, here at Sonlight Cleaning Services, we are always up-to-date on the best cleaning practices for every type of commercial flooring. We will ensure that your LVT floors remain as beautiful as the day they were installed. Contact us today for a free quote!