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Festively Fall

Fri, 10/12/2018 - 14:37 -- Laura M. Pulliam

Saturday, September 22 marked the autumnal equinox--otherwise known as the first day of fall. Given that the temperatures never dropped below 70 degrees on that day, most of us probably didn’t mark the occasion with any significance. But as evening temps begin to dip into the 60s (and even 50s), I think it’s safe to say that fall--or at least the Texas version of that transitional season--is most certainly upon us!

I remember that childhood conundrum this time of year and maybe you had it, too. As you began the all-important selection process for your Halloween costume, there was always that lingering question in the back of your mind, “Will it be hot and humid or cold and windy on the 31st?” Seems like it’s always one extreme or the other in Texas! With historically unpredictable temperatures during the so-called “Texas Autumn,” it’s good to plan other means (more in your control) to start getting in the festively fall state of mind.

Here are a few ideas to help you get your place of business looking festively fall, compliments of Sonlight Cleaning Services, your go-to commercial cleaning service for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex:

  • Start with a trip to your local grocery store to pick up a decorative pumpkin for the front porch! When you put that pumpkin in front of your place of business, take a look at the exterior entryway. Is the concrete discolored? Is there evidence of mold? Sonlight provides power washing services that can take care of that in no time so that the spotlight is on your new gourd, not the old gunk on the sidewalk. Another fun idea for the front porch is to buy (or make) a fall wreath for the door!
  • Add a seasonally-appropriate floral arrangement. Flowers aren’t just for spring! Chrysanthemums, delphinium, eucalyptus, gray brunia, and roses in deep and jewel-toned hues make beautiful centerpieces for entryway tables, reception areas, and office waiting rooms alike.
  • Swap out your everyday rugs for autumn-toned floor coverings in deep oranges, reds, and browns. Rugs, though functional, are often one of the simplest yet high-impact opportunities for bringing beautiful seasonal colors into your business. Before you roll up your other rugs for storage, though, remember to call Sonlight Cleaning Services for carpeting stain treatment, cleaning, and deodorizing. The last thing you want is to pull out a musty rug next season!
  • Hang grapevine wreaths in front windows. These plain 8” wreaths can be purchased inexpensively and decorated to match your business decor! All your window dressings will go unnoticed if they’re surrounded by fingerprints and smudges, though. Don’t forget to schedule Sonlight Cleaning Services to wash those windows beforehand.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for getting your office, medical building, school, church, or other place of business looking ready for fall! Call Sonlight Cleaning Services to schedule your specialty and routine cleaning today!