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Your Office Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Tue, 08/07/2018 - 12:50 -- Laura M. Pulliam

It’s Moving Season in Texas

Whether we’re ready for it or not, late summer has arrived in Texas. The “angry heat” of August is upon us. And unless this is your first season in central Texas, you know what I’m talking about. A mild spring makes way to a suddenly steamy summer, which just seems to continue on until you don’t think you can handle the heat anymore. And then comes August...Google searches for “moving” in Texas peak between late July and early August, ironically the hottest months in the state. Despite mild winters, it seems that late summer (before the start of a new academic year) is still the most popular time to move.

Because household moves typically coincide with a business move, Sonlight Cleaning Services has compiled a handy cleaning checklist for those inevitable office moves. We’re your go-to commercial cleaning service because we’ve been keeping the Dallas/Fort Worth community clean for over thirty years. We’re a trusted name when it comes to keeping commercial buildings, schools, medical facilities, and churches looking their best.If the lease on your building is up and you’re looking to upgrade or change locations, it’s important to keep these to-do’s in mind so that you keep a good reputation in the community and don’t lose your deposit over a dingy workspace!

Office Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

•             Remove nails and repair holes

•             Dust light fixtures, fans, window sills, and baseboards

•             Wash windows

•             Wash walls

•             Clean insides and outsides of cabinetry and other built-ins

•             Spot-clean any especially dingy areas

(pay special attention to high-touch things like door knobs and drawer pulls, where body oils can cause dust and dirt to build up)

•             Check floors for any spot treatment needs

(look closely around copiers, which have a tendency to leave a dusting of black powder all over)

•             Vacuum and deep-clean carpets

(Sonlight Cleaning Services offers extraction carpet cleaning, which can help minimize the indents left in your carpet by heavy pieces of furniture)

•             Sweep, mop, and buff hard floors

•             Clean toilets and sinks

•             Deep-clean break room or kitchen, including refrigerator

•             Empty all trash receptacles

•             Check and replace any burned out lightbulbs

•             Turn in your keys!


Hire the Best Office Move-Out Cleaner in Dallas/Fort Worth!

You’ve got enough on your plate with the move itself. Packing important files, communicating the move to your clients, coordinating with the new office location, arranging for movers, transferring utilities… it’s safe to say your hands are full. Leave the cleaning part to us so you can catch a breather! If you’ve ever tackled a home move before, you know that after the exhaustion of the packing process has set in, the last thing you want to do is pick up a mop bucket. Hire Sonlight Cleaning Services to make quick work of this checklist so that you can put your feet up! Give us a call about two months before your expected move date so one of our professionals can work with you to create a cleanup plan that suits your office and your needs.