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How to Choose the Best Cleaning Company

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 13:25 -- Laura M. Pulliam

The web is full of lists proclaiming “top ten” this or “five favorite” that. But when it comes to finding a commercial cleaning company for your business, office building, medical facility, school, or church, how do you find the right company for you? Just like each individual has unique needs, each organization and their facilities have different need as well.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to analyze your current needs plus a few reasons why Sonlight Cleaning Services might be the right choice for you!

First, how important is it to "shop local"?   Many companies are franchises or branches that are run by out of town or out of state companies. Sonlight Cleaning Services is a family-owned business that has been in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for over 30 years. Owned and operated by one individual throughout its lifetime, Sonlight offers reliable service. And because we do not franchise, you can be guaranteed a consistent clean no matter where in the metroplex your facility is located.

Second, what is the size of your facility? Some commercial cleaning companies have a high minimum or low maximum square footage. As you compare companies, be sure you know your building’s square footage so you can ensure you are eligible for the services they offer. Sonlight Cleaning Services is experienced in maintaining buildings and campuses from 5,000 to one million square feet. Big or small, we’re here for you!

Third, what services do you need? Be sure to know the limitations of the companies you are researching. Can they take care of your annual or irregular upkeep needs (for example, window washing)? By thinking long-term, you can work with one company for both your everyday janitorial needs and your less frequent cleaning needs. Sonlight Cleaning Services offers janitorial services, power washing, window washing, carpet deep-cleaning, and hard floor care, just to name a few! Simplify your to-do list by looking for a company that offers all of the services your facility needs in a year.

Fourth, what are you looking for in terms of customer service? Sonlight Cleaning Services is committed to building enduring relationships through integrity, honesty and the commitment to treating our customers and staff with the highest level of respect and dignity. We will always make sure our customers are satisfied. We extensively train and thoroughly background check all of our personnel. As a team, we seek to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Give us a call! You’ll be greeted by one of our team members, not an automated message or answering service.

Forget packages and cookie-cutter approaches. Sonlight Cleaning Services wants to offer you the solutions you need. Let us scale with you as your organization changes and grows! We pride ourselves in creating a maintenance program that is flexible enough to suit your specific needs, at a affordable price. Contact us today--one of our representatives would be happy to help you customize a building maintenance schedule that suits both your needs and your budget.