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Hospitality and Visitor Retention in Churches

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 19:07 -- Laura M. Pulliam

In episode 126 of the New Churches Q&A Podcast, hosts Daniel Im, Ed Stetzer, and Todd Adkins spend some time talking about the role of hospitality and suggesting ways that church leaders can encourage visitors to return. One of the examples they specifically mentioned had to do with the upkeep of the church facilities. A particularly memorable--and actionable--message from this particular episode was that, “We should take the biblical virtue of hospitality and put it together at an institutional level.” In speaking about the church’s facilities, they make the stark comparison that “God’s not glorified in your personal hospitality when you invite someone into your home, but give them poor directions, a cold fast-food meal, and a half-hearted conversation.” If we would never do this in our homes, why would we settle for anything less in our churches?

In short, it’s time we take a closer look at our church facilities. If you are a lifelong member of a church, or are the facilities director or trustee for one currently, you may be tempted to overlook certain cleanliness shortfalls.It’s amazing the things we “let slide” in our church facilities that would never be acceptable in our own homes. An important fact to remember, though, is that what you and your members may be quick to forgive will be the first thing a visitor notice’s.

Sonlight Cleaning Service’s mission is to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct both our business and personal lives. When it comes to your church’s hospitality, we want to see you excel! Visualize (or better yet, walk through) your church’s facilities. Consider it as though it was your own home.

Would you leave a coffee stain on the carpet? Sonlight Cleaning Services not only offers carpet cleaning but also stain removal and pre-spotting treatment.

Would you be content with dust on every door jamb? Our professional janitorial services staff can take care of that for you.

Would you allow dirt to accumulate along the baseboards? It’s amazing how easily we gloss over these kinds of things in our church. But think about it through a visitor’s eyes--would you be comfortable leaving your child in a classroom full of new people if it looked dirty or dingy?

Would you simply do a “quick mop” if your household toilet overflowed? Or would you clean, disinfect, and deodorize as quickly as possible? Sonlight Cleaning Services is there for all your needs and has experience dealing with flood restoration.

Hospitality is warmth and friendliness, expecting nothing in return. If your space could use a little help in order to be the warmest, friendliest space for welcoming your new guests, give Sonlight Cleaning Services a call! We’d be happy to create a customized cleaning plan that helps your church facilities shine. Request a free estimate!