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Five Things You Should Do This Summer Besides Deep-Cleaning Your Office

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 18:06 -- Laura M. Pulliam

Whereas spring seems to be the agreed-upon time of year to clean one’s home, it seems that summer is a popular time to clean one’s office building. I remember working for a CPA in college. Once tax season was done and we had all peeled ourselves off the floor (we ended up there due to sheer exhaustion), we all knew what was next… the annual office deep cleaning.

Even though we dreaded this inevitable scenario, we tried to set our sights high. All the way to the rafters high. Since we were in a historic building, the front and back walls were entirely raw limestone. While beautiful, this rustic look came at the cost of the little critters who made their home in our office during the flurry of the busy work season. The corners were always just messes of cobwebs by the time we got around to cleaning. And that’s just the start. It seems like the rest of the summer was spent playing catch-up on all of the chores we had let slide during the previous nine months.

There has to be a better way. That’s why Sonlight Cleaning Services would like to suggest five things you should do this summer besides deep-cleaning your office.

1. Go to the Pool. Seriously any pool will do. Even the kiddie pool in the front yard with your kids beats staying late at the office. Let us do the dusting while you take a dip!

2. Visit the Fort Worth Stockyards. Things are always hoppin' (or maybe rather "moovin") down at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Watch the cattle drive at 11:30 am and or 4:00 pm every day! You can sit back and enjoy the drum of hoofbeats down the cobblestone streets while we remove all signs of the herd of people who have traversed your office hallways.

3. Check out the Dallas World Aquarium. No matter your age, there is something to see and learn at the Dallas World Aquarium. Besides, wouldn't you rather be staring at the water rush behind a darting black goby than water rushing down the windows you just cleaned. Leave the window washing to Sonlight Cleaning Service and go enjoy the sea inspired delights! You deserve it.

4. Hit the road for a state park day-trip. Cedar Hill State Park is situated just between and below Dallas and Fort Worth. From camping to fishing to swimming, this is a great park for offering you a break from the city. Instead of breathing on those cleaning chemicals as you scrub and scour the office, breathe in the fresh air as you explore over 1,200 acres of hike and bike trails!

5. Take your staff to lunch. It's amazing how much a meal together can boost moral and it shouldn't surprise you to hear that asking your team to tackle toilet cleaning does the opposite. Leave the toilets to us and go enjoy some quality time with the people that make your business a success. Contacts us Today!! So that one of our experts can evaluate your cleaning needs for a free estimate.