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The Importance of Cleanliness in School Facilities

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 13:59 -- Laura M. Pulliam

If you’re a parent, you may have received that dreaded phone call: “Mr. or Mrs. So-And-So? Your child is in the nurse's office.” Sometimes it's as minor as the sniffles, but sometimes it’s more serious than that. 

It’s a simple fact of life that kids are really good at spreading germs. Combine this with the close quarters provided by a school environment and you’ve got a recipe for an epidemic on your hands. 

Schools provide the perfect breeding ground for illness and infection. Children spend extended periods of time in close quarters every weekday during the academic year (and then some, in some cases). There’s no real remedy for this unless you want to have classes out in the sunshine, but that’s simply not an option most of the time in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

Every teacher and administrator, especially, dread cold and flu season. “How contagious will it be this year? Will our school be affected? What will we do if a high percentage of the student populace gets sick?” And no doubt you are also thinking, “Will I catch something?” 

These fears are not unfounded. Over one hundred million school days are lost each year due to illness. The average student misses 4.5 days each year. It’s not uncommon for a kindergartner to have a dozen colds in a calendar year. How on earth to combat these jaw-dropping statistics?

In this case, the best defense is actually a good offense! Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company with a high standard of excellence. We understand that cleanliness is about more than just appearances. (Not convinced? Just read this article on dust) 

We go on the offense against germs by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting those germ-prone areas such as bathrooms and door handles so that diseases are stopped before they even start to mess with you and your students.

We believe you deserve the best when it comes to cleanliness. And in terms of finances, think about it in terms of attendance. Every absence due to illness and spread of infection is income lost to your school. Don’t let germs get the best of your school. Contact Sonlight Cleaning Services and get the best offensive weapon against germs on your team today!