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The Importance of Cleanliness in Church Facilities

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 19:43 -- Laura M. Pulliam

A 2009 Slate article on the so-called “church shopping” phenomenon made reference to a type of undercover church consultant. These individuals are sometimes employed by churches to evaluate their experience of walking into churches as though visiting for the first time. They take stock of everything from how they were greeted to how the restrooms looked (or smelled).

Without getting sidetracked on whether or not this is a length to which you might go to evaluate your church’s first-time-visitor friendliness, let’s spend some time on the incontrovertible truth that cleanliness counts.

As someone who has worked in the church for almost a decade, I can certainly attest to the fact that the state of your church facility matters. While members may be willing to forgive and forget a dirty floor or a overfilled trash can, visitors almost certainly will not. They will remember and they will take that into account when they are deciding whether or not they felt “at home” in your space. Okay, if we’re being honest, sometimes the members are the first to notice when something doesn’t seem quite right (and they’ll make sure you know about it on Monday)!

This is not to say that you must have a state-of-the-art building. I’ve visited some beautiful church buildings that, while old, were wonderfully cared for. But the age of a building has no bearing on the quality of what one might find in that building. In fact, some of the most beautiful buildings in the world are decades--if not centuries--old! It’s really not about the building at all. It’s about the pride one takes in maintaining it.

At Sonlight Cleaning Services, we understand that whether you’re a business trying to impress a client or a church trying to make a newcomer feel at home, those all-important first impressions count.

We are a professional janitorial service in the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area that believes in building enduring relationships through integrity, honesty, and a commitment to treating others with the highest level of respect and dignity. And we think you probably resonate with those ideals! That’s why we’d like to partner with you. As you fulfill your mission (the Great Commission), we can fulfill ours of ensuring that your facility is sparkling! 

From the floor to the ceiling--and everything in between--we’ve got your cleaning needs covered. Contact us today for a free quote!