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Tips for Making Outstanding First Impressions: Restrooms

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 19:31 -- Laura M. Pulliam

First impressions count. From the moment someone walks through your parking lot, they are formulating an opinion about your organization. Is there trash on the sidewalks? Excessive dirt on the entryway rug? A burned out lightbulb above the doorway? These small, seemingly-insignificant factors can make or break the reputation of your business, medical facility, church, school, etc. Last time on the blog, we shared five simple things you can do to really “wow” your guests as they arrive.

Today we’re going to talk about another (often forgotten) place visitors or clients take into account when they think about your organization. Today we’re talking about restrooms. Yes, go ahead and laugh! It may sound silly, but take a moment to think about it yourself. If you walked into a doctor’s office, for example, and found the restroom to be exceptionally untidy or (worse) downright dirty, wouldn’t you have second thoughts about the care you may receive in that office?

Apply this same scenario to a church, your child’s school, a law office or other business facility and you will likely find the same to be true. We inevitably judge the establishment’s professionalism by its powder room.

Here are three proactive steps you can take to ensure that your restrooms remain consistently excellent.

1.    Check to ensure the locking mechanisms work on the doors. Whether your restrooms are single or multiple stalls, the people who use them expect privacy. Regularly check the locks or latches to ensure that they are doing their job.

2.    Put a waste basket near the door. The 2018 Bradley Healthy Hand Washing Survey, in a poll of 1,035 adults, revealed that 60% of respondents were “extremely” or “quite concerned” about contracting the flu and two thirds of those polled said they “always” wash their hands after using a public restroom. In seasons of high concern over a particular illness, people may be more averse to touching door handles (especially since the other 40% of the population is not quite so committed to hand washing). By putting a trash receptacle near the door, you allow visitors to touch the door handle with their paper towel while still disposing of it properly. Not only is this a thoughtful gesture to those who religiously adhere to handwashing, it also serves as a subtle reminder to the 40% to go back and suds up those hands! (Just don’t forget to empty the trash receptacle frequently, especially if it’s on the small side.)

3.    Clean it! This should go without saying, but (unfortunately) it needs to be said--if your clients or visitors are using your restrooms, those facilities absolutely need to be cleaned daily, if not more often. The Hand Washing Survey revealed that “70% of Americans say they’ve had a particularly unpleasant experience in a public restroom due to the condition of the facilities.” Respondents shared dismal details such as clogged toilets and empty toilet paper rolls. Their greatest request? Please keep it cleaned! Sonlight Cleaning Serves is a commercial cleaning company with a high standard. Whether your restrooms are public (for clients, visitors, students) or private (for employees or a very limited staff), we will work with you to determine a cleaning frequency in accordance with use.

The research doesn’t lie. It is clear that these small but very important spaces have the ability to make an impression! Call Sonlight Cleaning Services--we’ll help you make the right impression with your restrooms.