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What Kind of Leader Are You?

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 19:43 -- Loretta Moerbe

         Everywhere you look, you are going to find a leader, because, if you really thinking about it, everyone is a leader.  Some people lead large multimillion-dollar companies while others may be a leader of two small children at home. Now, it may seem like some leaders are more important or have more impact than a stay-at-home mom or a dog walker, but the foundations of what makes a good leader brings all leaders down to the same level. Every leader, be you a student or CEO, wants to make an impact on the group of people they influence and lead, and, in order to become a good and trusted leader, they have to be able to answer 3 very important questions in the minds of the group they influence. Sonlight Cleaning Service is a leader in the industry and strives to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

         While there are many other contributing factors into what makes a leader successful, here are 3 of the most important questions you can ask to help you measure your effectiveness as a leader. Sonlight Cleaning Service strives to lead our business in a way that will always leave a good impression with our integrity, service-oriented heart, and by offering the best product we possibly can.


1. “Do I know what I am talking about?”

            The key word here is “competence.” The people you are influencing want to know that you are competent and knowledgeable. It is important to note that competence is something you show people, not something you tell people. There’s a difference between saying “I can do that task” and actually doing the task. Sonlight Cleaning Service not only offers a wide variety of services, we also certify and train our employees in a way that they are confident enough to not only perform the service you need, but can do it well and with experience. We also have a resource library available to our employees to further their knowledge and training! We know clean at Sonlight Cleaning Service!


2. “Can I be trusted?”

            Another way to ask this, is: what’s my character look like? Do I do what I say I will do? Am I dependable? Do I make choices that positively impact others? In the cleaning service industry, trust is the most important factor. Sonlight Cleaning Service wants to not only earn your trust, but to keep your trust. When we say we are going to do a job, we will get the job done, and see to it that it is done right! We will meet with you to come up with a personalized cleaning program for your facility and we will meet and exceed your standards every day! When you hire Sonlight Cleaning Service, you get Sonlight Cleaning Service! We are ready and able to take care of your building maintenance needs!


3. “Do I care about my people?”

            As we mentioned earlier, people know you care about them when you show them you care about them. If you tell someone you care about them, but don’t follow through with actions to match it—you become all talk and you will lose their trust. As a leader, you want to have good chemistry with those around you. Now, obviously, not every personality is going to be your perfect match, but as a leader it is important to find a way to work with all people. This will require flexibility, patience, and positivity. Sonlight Cleaning Service truly cares about our customers and we show you by providing you the best service this industry has to offer. We not only get the job done, we get the job done right! It is important to us that we give you our very best! We learn your facility needs, meet and exceed your expectations, and see to it that we maintain a good working relationship with all of our clients!

Leaders are everywhere, and we invite you to be a leader and show your team how much you care about their workspace by allowing us to provide the best cleaning service Dallas-Fort Worth has to offer! Call Sonlight Cleaning Service today!



Trustworthy Traits

Fri, 01/26/2018 - 20:31 -- Loretta Moerbe

Trust. It’s valuable. Some would even argue that it is one of the most valuable resources to have not only in business, but also in your daily interactions with others. How trustworthy you are will affect everything from your interest rates to your relationships! If being trustworthy is a personal goal of yours, take a look at how you act and what kind of everyday decisions you make.

Success.com’s Cynthia Bazin outlined 9 different traits of trustworthy people[i]. At Sonlight Cleaning Service, we strive to earn your trust in everything we do and we invite you to see how we strive to build your trust in our cleaning service.

1. Authentic.

To be authentic means to be a real person, which simply means to be authentic and to have superior morals and character. In other words, you are not trying to be like anyone else and have a humility about you that makes you easy to talk to. Sonlight Cleaning Service is family-owned and operates in a team-oriented environment. The Sonlight Cleaning Service knows how to clean, and we love what we do! We are thrilled to serve you and are ready to take care of all of your needs.

2. Consistent.

Hey, we all have bad days, but it’s not the bad day that counts; rather, it’s what you do with the bad day that really matters. Sonlight Cleaning Service is filled with positive and solution-oriented problem solvers that will consistently bring you high quality service, no matter what happens. We have extensively trained our employees in a way that they are left feeling confident and capable to achieve each task to the highest degree of quality and we get to know your needs so that we can see to it that they are met every day!

3. Integrity.

To have integrity means that you do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Not only do we educate our employees, we also train our employees extensively including training sessions with a qualified supervisor. All of our employees are extensively background checked in order to ensure client safety and privacy. We only hire individuals with high moral character and an excellent work history to see to it that our clients are receiving service done the Sonlight way.


Also, we will never franchise, outsource services, or sell your information. When you hire Sonlight Cleaning Service, you are hiring our very own high-quality team!

4. Compassion.

People who are trustworthy are able to put themselves in another person’s shoes and constantly put others first. Sonlight Cleaning Service cares about your business as if it were our own. We like to have a clean space and we want to leave your space better than when we got there. We sincerely want you to enjoy coming into a freshly cleaned space every day, and we always strive to benefit you by doing our best in every task!

5. Kindness.

Trust is built when you show up when someone needs you most, not just when everything is OK. Sonlight Cleaning Service offers a wide variety of services. We are there for your everyday cleaning needs, and even offer day porter services should you need extra cleaning up during business hours. Sonlight Cleaning Service also offers a wide variety of emergency services, and we come prepared for your tough and unexpected jobs! We are always happy to roll up our sleeves and get to work, no matter what your need is. We are highly trained, and are confident and ready to take care of your space.

6. Resourcefulness.

To be resourceful means that you are always learning and looking for ways to be successful at what you do. The Sonlight Cleaning Service team is specifically trained in the areas of VCT and tile floors, carpet cleaning, and windows. We also maintain a complete reference library of cleaning materials and methods to be used for regular review by all of our employees. As we said before, we know how to clean, and we love what we do! We are always learning the most effective ways to accomplish our high standard of clean. We also offer a healthy variety of cleaning supplies, and, if we don’t have the product you want, we will go out and get it for you!

7. Connectivity.

We strive to build our team by hiring like-minded people that love, and know, cleaning as much as we do. It is a high priority for us to hire cleaning experts with a vast experience, superior work ethic and history. We are well equipped and ready to bring you what you want, a high standard of clean provided by high integrity people.

8. Humility.

Sonlight Cleaning Service is a team-oriented business that strives to make your specific needs a priority. Every space is different, and we take the time to get to know what you need and what you like. As a team, we work together to see to it that your needs are always met. Sonlight Cleaning Service is here to serve and help you always make a great first impression on your employees and your customers!

9. Availability.

Sonlight Cleaning Service is here for you. You can call us, email us, connect with us online, or come into our office! We are well staffed, and ready to meet your building maintenance needs! Call us today!



Frozen Pipes? Act Fast!

Fri, 01/19/2018 - 19:14 -- Loretta Moerbe

The beginning of January 2018 brought with it a blast of cold weather and a hard freeze across North and Central Texas. Consequently, this lead to a rapid increase of phone calls to area plumbers due to frozen or busted pipes. Pipes that bust will quickly flood the area with water and can cause you quite a clean up headache! Anytime there is a leak or flooding, be it from a busted pipe, roof damage, or even an overflowed toilet, it can quickly cause a musty smell and a mildew stain that is not becoming of the atmosphere you strive to maintain at your office. Sonlight Cleaning Service offers carpet cleaning and flood restoration services to help you get your flooring clean again!

            With frozen pipes, timing is of the essence! Depending on how the pipe breaks, where the pipe breaks, and how long it has had to leak will determine what kind of clean up you require. Sometimes, the damage is so extensive, you will have to hire a contractor to rip up the carpeting and replace the flooring!  Here are a few tips to help you minimize the risk and damage caused by frozen pipes.

1. Be Proactive

            When the weather begins to drop to freezing temperatures, cover your exterior pipes with insulated exterior covers. As an added measure, inspect the pipe before covering it to assess the integrity of the existing insulation. You can easily fill in gaps around the pipe cause by mortar deterioration with spray foam insulation. You can also wrap the neck of a pipe with a foam cover. Before you install the insulated exterior cover, wrap the pipe with fleece as an added measure of warmth. For interior pipes, simply leave the water dripping, check that the climate control will keep the area warm, and open cabinets so warm air can circulate around the pipes.

2. Early Detection

            When temperatures drop below freezing, or you experience a hard freeze, inspect your pipes. It can be tricky to diagnose a frozen pipe early if you don’t know what you are looking for. For interior pipes, like under the sink for example, you will see frost begin to form on the outside of the pipes. You may also notice frost beginning to form on a wall or another surface. Another sign of a frozen pipe is if the faucet is on, but no water is coming out.

            Exterior pipes are easier in some ways, and more tricky in other ways. One of the most obvious ways to detect a problem is by looking for icicles or other signs that you have sprung a leak. You can also check that the wall directly on the other side of the pipe is the same temperature as other areas where the pipe isn’t behind the wall. If the pipe is frozen you will notice a difference in wall temps, especially if you have a sheetrock interior.

3. Act Fast

            If you suspect you have a frozen pipe, it is important you act fast! It’s best to call a licensed plumber to properly inspect and take care of your pipe. If the pipe is frozen, the ice will expand and cause the pipe to burst. If you know where the ice blockage is, you can start the process by thawing the frozen area out with a hair dryer. Be sure to have all other faucets in the area open and start thawing from the front of the clog so the water and pressure will have an exit. You can also use a heat lamp (or several) or a space heater. Pro Tip: When using hair dryers, heat lamps or heaters on a frozen pipe close to a wall, try sliding a cookie sheet or aluminum foil between the pipe and wall to reflect as much heat as possible toward the pipe.  While there are no guarantees, the quicker you thaw the ice, the less likely you will have to deal with a burst pipe. [1] Remember, when dealing with plumbing, it’s best to call a licensed plumber to inspect and handle an emergency situation such as frozen pipes.  Also, make sure you know how to shut off your water in case of a flood emergency.


            Not only are the winter months hard on your pipes, it can also be brutal for your flooring! Whether your winter flooring woes are caused by minor floods or dampness, dirt, and de-icing matter tracked in by your customers, Sonlight Cleaning Service is here to get your flooring back to looking and smelling fresh and clean! Call Sonlight Cleaning Service today!


Forget About It!

Fri, 01/12/2018 - 20:34 -- Loretta Moerbe

There are two types of people in this world: those that remember where they put their keys, and those that don’t. In other words, there are people that remember everything, and there are people that tend to be a little bit more on the forgetful side. Forgetfulness is often considered to be a negative personality trait that can hold someone back or deem someone unreliable. However, recent studies show that forgetful people are actually smarter, and learning to forget things can actually make a person smarter.

            According to a new review paper from Paul Frankland, a senior fellow in CIFAR’s Child & Brain Development program, and Blake Richards, an associate fellow in the Learning in Machines & Brains program, our brains are actively working to forget.[i] Simply put, our brains are designed to forget unnecessary information. In forgetting information that is not directly necessary to a person’s task at hand, room is created and new neurons are produced which creates the ability to learn new things and achieve higher goals. Ultimately, forgetting unnecessary information promotes overall personal success. In other words, if you are trying to learn something new, or accomplish a task, and old memories keep popping up, it slows down and limits the process of creating new connections and learning new things.

            In business, an important trait to have is the ability to organize and prioritize tasks and in doing this, you will maximize your productivity and achieve higher goals. Successful business owners know that high priority tasks come first, and lesser important tasks come later or get delegated out to support staff so that you don’t waste time on something that is not very pertinent to your number one goal. This is all well and good, except that sometimes those ‘lesser important tasks’ tend to pile up and turn into big problems later. That’s where Sonlight Cleaning Service comes in to join your team!

            Keeping track of janitorial supplies can often be a time consuming task that will take time away from the more important tasks that directly impact your bottom line.  Sonlight Cleaning Service makes your janitorial and building maintenance needs our number one priority so you can get back to focusing on the top of your list! We take time to get to know the products you need, the frequency you need them ordered, and can help you get new items as you grow and develop new needs! Sonlight can track, order, and supply our customers for any usage needs for their facility. We have a large selection of high quality janitorial supplies, and if we don’t carry a product you need, we will go out and get it for you!

            Sonlight Cleaning Service is prepared to handle all of your building maintenance needs. From janitorial needs, to emergency services, Sonlight has a service for you. Call us today, and let us cover your building maintenance needs!



[i] Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. "Forgetting can make you smarter." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 21 June 2017. <www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/06/170621132910.htm>.




New Year, New You!

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 20:18 -- Loretta Moerbe

There’s something about the New Year that excites people to make changes to their lives and make adjustments in order to reach specific goals. These adjustments are called New Year’s Resolutions and for some, they are a platform by which to launch themselves toward achieving a goal and ideal of what life is supposed to be. Many people select a single word to make their mantra for the year. They post their mantra on their social media wall, or in a piece of art in their house. It is placed in a spot where they cannot forget to keep reaching and attempting to achieve the goal they initially set out for themself without compromise. For some, a New Year’s Resolution is simply a hope filled dream of something they would like to achieve, but they don’t necessarily know how to reach it. Sometimes, New Year’s Resolutions are completely forgotten about before February even begins. So what can be done about helping people better achieve their goals and reach success in resolutions?

            Often times, resolutions turn into failures when we put off for tomorrow that which we can do today. For example, many people go out and buy a gym membership at the beginning of January only to have forgotten they even have the card in their wallet before the month is over. They say, oh I’ll work out tomorrow, I’m tired today. But, unfortunately, buying a gym membership doesn’t mean that the trainers will work out for you, but wouldn’t that be nice??? When it comes to business, we set out our yearly goals at the beginning of the year, or fiscal year in some cases. We have meetings and presentations showing how we did in the year before and how we can do better next year. We promote people and start new projects and we even get rid of projects and services that may not have been as lucrative as we had hoped. In any circumstance, however, it’s important to note that change will only happen if we do something about it. Sonlight Cleaning Service is here to help you bring your business today into a new success tomorrow!

            Sonlight Cleaning Service is a company filled with people who genuinely want to see your business succeed. We know the importance and value your facility has on your bottom line and even the productivity of your day. We know clean, and we know how to make your office a clean and productive environment. When you bring us on to your team, we work hard to see to it that you are satisfied. We take time to get to know you and your needs, and we even create a personalized cleaning plan for your business so that your specific needs are met. As bumps in the road come up in the form of maintenance emergencies, we spring into action and can offer you a list of additional services available right at your fingertips so you never have to miss a beat! Sonlight Cleaning Service is equipped and ready to handle your building maintenance needs, and are excited to serve as part of your team!

            With our highly trained and qualified Sonlight Cleaning Service team, you will consistently make a great first impression on your customers and employees. So, as you make your New Year’s Resolutions, give us a call and we will get you on the path of success in your building maintenance needs! Call us today!

The Party’s Not Over Yet!

Fri, 12/29/2017 - 19:38 -- Loretta Moerbe

It is common knowledge that a successful party requires quite a bit of planning and preparation. We plan the food we are going to serve, the decorations, and the party activities in hopes that our event with be a smashing success! We plan ahead mostly because we want our guests to have a good time and enjoy all of our hard work, but did you know another important part of party planning is preparing for the party clean up? That’s right, and Sonlight Cleaning Service has a few post-party clean up tips to help your office party clean up be a raging success.

1. Trash Can Placement

            After an office party, it is quite common to find all sorts of trash in even the most peculiar of places. As people are socializing, they aren’t thinking about where they are going to throw away their hors d’oeuvres. Parties are a great time for your team to build relationships and become a more cohesive work group, and a goal in office parties is for employees to enjoy the party and have a good time getting to know other members of your team! However, trash being left around the office can be time consuming to clean up and make your party, and office, seem cluttered and messy. One way to greatly decrease your clean up time while increasing the organization of your party is to bring out extra trashcans and place them around the party space to help your guests easily clean up after themselves. Many party stores even sell disposable trashcans to help lessen the need to borrow trashcans from other spaces in your facility, which can be frustrating if the trashcan isn’t returned to the correct place.

2. Paper Towels

            Spills will happen, and one of the best ways to reduce after party clean up is to have paper towels, or even nice looking napkins, available at appropriate locations. You can even have a quick grab spill clean up basket complete with paper towels and a small container to hold wet towels all ready to go. Keep your portable spill clean up station in a location that is out of sight but easily accessed so it can be grabbed quickly.  When spill messes are left behind and forgotten about, they can quickly become a sticky mess that attracts dirt, bacteria, and insects. If you are having a party that is a bit more refined, paper towels may not be appropriate, but you can place high-top tables close to exits for people to leave their drinks, and on each table have a neatly stacked of cocktail napkins or even a few origami-folded linen napkins available to grab in case of a spill.

3. Disposable Everything

            If it is easy to do, it will more likely be done. Carefully chosen paper and plastic party supplies not only can add a pop of decoration to your cutlery, but it is one of the number one ways to reduce the amount of clean up after an office party. Paper and plastic party goods can be purchased to match your theme, can cater to any level of taste, and save you hours of dishwashing after the party. It’s much easier to throw away serving spoons and plastic platters than it is to take the time to wash and store each piece. It may seem that this particular solution will add to waste and be bad for the environment, but have no fear! Many of these items are recyclable and/or biodegradable, so you don’t have to feel so guilty about throwing them away.


            After the party clean up is not always the easiest challenge no matter how well you planned, and that’s why calling Sonlight Cleaning Service should be at the top of your party planning list! We offer special event clean up services that will help you get your office back in shape and ready for normal business after a party so the only evidence your office party took place is in the pictures and warm memories! Call Sonlight Cleaning Service today!

The Night Before Christmas—Sonlight Cleaning Service Parody

Fri, 12/22/2017 - 19:20 -- Loretta Moerbe

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the place, not a creature was stirring, not even and mouse with cheese in its face.

The stockings were hung on the cubicle with care, they’re dust-free because Sonlight Cleaning Service was there!

The employees were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of last quarter danced in their heads.

Their work was more productive in their nice and clean space, their floors were all shiny and brought smiles to their face!

When after a party there will arise quite the clatter, Sonlight springs into action and will take care of matters.

Away to the windows they fly in a flash, they wipe down the shutters, and wipe down the sash.

The Sonlight crew knows that fresh fallen snow, gives flooring musty scents and mildewy glows…

Wondering eyes will see us appear, with our buckets and mops and superior cleaning gear,

With quality staff, so lively and quick, you’ll see in mere moments Sonlight’s Cleaning Service tricks,

We spring into action, and know our customers by name, we remember your specific needs, ‘cause no place is the same!

We will clean your whole space from its head to its foot, and see to it nothing’s left covered in fingerprints and soot!

With our own vacuum cleaners strapped tightly to our backs, we will clean and we will dust putting dirt in our packs.

We will be on our way, our nights work will be through, you’ll come into work to see there’s no mess left for you!

The office is tidy, the bathrooms are clean, the kitchen’s wiped down, the windows shine and gleam!

We leave you with well wishes, our promises are bright, Merry Christmas to you all, and to all a good night!


Sonlight Cleaning Service wishes you a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Call us today!


What Have You Touched Today?

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 20:53 -- Loretta Moerbe

   According to an artistic photography piece put together by Paula Zuccotti, an argentine-born designer, people on average touch over 140 objects in a single day. In her piece, she laid out and photographed every item an individual touched in a day, and she is planning on repeating this artistic piece again in ten years to make notice of the changes that take place. In composing her piece, she asked 62 people to make a note of all the objects they handled in a 24-hour period, then, she gathered all the objects together to create a ‘snapshot’ of their daily life. 

   Artwork like this is not only interesting to study and enjoy, but it also challenges us to think and compare the items we touch on a daily basis and ask ourselves about the kind of snapshot we are creating of our own lives.  As we explore the items we touch in a day, it gets our minds turning about what is most important to us, what we are spending our time on, and what effect these items are having on our lives. It’s also important to notice who else is touching these items and what kind of impact that adds to our picture. At the end of the day, when we zoom in on each item you’ve touched, what will we see? According to the CDC, we will see germs and bacteria that is transferred from our hands onto the items we touch, and each item we touch exposes us to viruses and germs that will make us sick! This fact really puts a damper on how we enjoy these items doesn’t it?  At Sonlight Cleaning Service, we know the items you touch in your daily life are an important part of your day, and we want to keep you germ free!

   Sonlight Cleaning Service makes it a part of our daily routine to wipe all common area surfaces and clean high traffic touch areas to help keep your office clean and reduce the risk of spreading germs. If someone in your office happens to get sick, let us know and we will take extra measures to disinfect surfaces to prevent the spread of illness. Sonlight Cleaning Service cares about you and your coworkers, and we know how important it is for you to stay healthy! We also offer services to deep clean and sanitize carpeting, flooring, and other areas in your building so you can always put your best foot forward in all areas of your business.

   Cleanliness and professionalism go hand in hand and it’s important to make sure that your office is maintained by a professional cleaning service. Not only does a clean work space ensure the health and hygiene of everyone, but it will also enhance their productivity by giving your employees a clean and germ free space.  As you think about all the items you touch in a day, ask yourself about who is taking care of these items. If you’re ready to ensure you have the best cleaning service to take care of your space, call Sonlight Cleaning Service today!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Fri, 12/08/2017 - 19:07 -- Loretta Moerbe

   It’s the most wonderful time of year, but often times it is the most stressful time of year! With all the joy and merriment surrounding us, it is surprising that hospitals actually see a significant increase in stress related illnesses this time of year. As we approach the holidays, it is important that we reduce our stress and take time every day to do things that help us enjoy the holiday season with our friends and family. It is important to us at Sonlight Cleaning Service that you get the most out of the holidays, and we are here to help you enjoy this season!

Just breathe:

   Deep breathing exercises offer many benefits that include reducing stress and blood pressure. According to livestrong.com, Deep breathing promotes better blood flow to your organs and brain which helps release toxins from your body and helps you sleep better. You’ll notice a decrease in muscle pain, tension, and body aches as well. But, what happens when you take a deep breath and the smell yesterday’s trash greets your nose? How can you relax when your cleaning service keeps forgetting to take out the trash in every waste bin? Sometimes, the very thing designed to make your life easier ends up making you stress out more! Sonlight Cleaning Service is known for our superior service, highly trained staff, and unsurpassed work ethic. You can breathe a little easier with us taking care of your office maintenance needs!

Reduce Stress Triggers:

   Doctors recommend you frequently explore your environment and take note of things that cause you stress and do your best to reduce stress triggers. It’s easy to reduce stress triggers that are within your control, but what about that long list of pet peeves that make your blood boil while you’re at the office? Research shows that one of the top pet peeves and sources of stress in the office originate in the office kitchen. People leaving their food mess in the microwave and dirty dishes in the sink top the charts as major sources of stress at the office. Didn’t their mother teach them to clean up after themselves? Do they even think about other people? Is that what their kitchen looks like at home? Gross! You’re not alone, it would bother us too! Sonlight Cleaning Service  cares about the cleanliness of your office and understands that sometimes work gets in the way of minor mess clean up during the rush of lunch. We are also aware of the problems caused by leaving those messes for days on end! That’s why we make it a part of our nightly routine to check the sink, microwave, countertops, and eating surfaces for any messes left behind and see to it that you walk into a clean and sanitized kitchen every day! We are all about taking care of your maintenance needs and are happy to serve you and your coworkers.

Sonlight Cleaning Service enjoys leaving you a beautifully clean space to walk into every morning, and we know that first impressions count and can help you get your day started off on a positive and stress-free note! Call us today, and let us take care of your building maintenance needs so that you can get back to enjoying this wonderful time of year!

Seasons Greetings From Mother Nature for 2017

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 18:58 -- Loretta Moerbe
It’s almost December, which means the holidays are in full force! It’s an exciting time of year with decorations being hung, presents being purchased, and the weatherman saying the words “cold” and “front” in the same sentence! Cooler weather and cold fronts help the holiday season feel a bit merrier and exciting, but sometimes cold fronts can bring in a whole set of challenges for your building maintenance. At Sonlight Cleaning Service, we know that with every season comes it’s own set of challenges, so we come prepared for anything Mother Nature can throw our way! We offer a wide variety of services to help you always make a great first impression.
   While cold fronts are generally amazing in nature and honestly quite welcomed after a warmer than average autumn, the dust and leaf mess certainly is not as easy to enjoy! Employees and customers trek through dirt, dust, and things that fall from the trees, and when it rains, they walk through mud and soggy leaves. As they enter your building, they bring that grime and residue in with them and before too long, your carpets and floor begin to look dingy. Left untreated, the carpet will begin to develop permanent stains, mildew, and unpleasant odors.  At Sonlight Cleaning Service, we want to help you always make the best first impression, so call us today and talk to us about our hot water extraction floor care and stain removal!
   Once we help you get your floors good as new, we will move on to the other big maintenance issue this time of year—your windows. As you hang your holiday decorations, you may begin to notice just how dirty your windows really can get. The wind this time of year blows around an alarming amount of dust and dirt, which can create a nasty mess on your front doors and windows! Sonlight Cleaning Service offers window cleaning services that will include inner perimeter windows AND exterior windows to a height of 40 feet or two stories. The appearance of your building can be improved considerably by using this service on a regular basis. These services, like many other services we offer, can be performed as requested or incorporated into a monthly maintenance agreement.
   So, as the weather begins to look frightful, we will help make your office look simply delightful! As the wind picks up and the cooler temperatures blow in, let Sonlight Cleaning Service take care of the maintenance mess those windy days bring. We look forward to working with you and making your doors, windows, and carpets clean as can be and ready for the holiday season and everything Mother Nature can blow your way. Call Sonlight Cleaning Service today!


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