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Your Cleaning Needs Are As Unique As Your Business

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 20:13 -- Laura M. Pulliam

Next time you’re out at the mall, grocery store, or other location bustling with activity, take a look at people’s feet. Have you ever noticed how each person’s gait is unique? Some people step carefully, as though they’re conscious of the sound of their shoes on the floor. Other people march boldly, as though walking confidently into a job interview. 

Short steps, long strides, children on tip-toe. Spend ten minutes watching the world walk by and you’ll see a little bit of everything. 

As you do this, you may begin to notice patterns. Each person unique, yet certain similarities emerging. Consider the smile that spreads across a person’s face when they watch a child learning to walk--whether or not that toddling child is their own, he or she probably reminds them of the way their own son or daughter (or niece, nephew, grandchild, etc.) walked.

At Sonlight Cleaning Services, we take a similar approach to the cleaning and janitorial needs of our clients. Each business’s needs are unique and yet in our 30 years of experience, we have noticed certain patterns that allow us to continually perfect our methods.

Now this may sound like an oxymoron, but think about the way you care for your home. If you’ve lived in more than one place during your lifetime, you know that regardless of where you live, there are certain chores you shouldn’t neglect. Clean the toilet, dust the bookshelves, mop the floors, etcetera and so on. Whether you lived in a college apartment or a sprawling mansion, there were certain things that needed to be done in order to keep your residence respectable. On the other hand, if you moved from a one-story to a two-story and never added “vacuum the stairs” to your checklist, you could be in for trouble!

Now let’s take this analogy and apply it to your business. We believe that many businesses need the same things when it comes to janitorial services; and we also believe that each business has its uniquenesses and shouldn’t be subject to a cookie-cutter cleaning service.

We’re in the business of people, not packages. That’s why we love to talk to facilities managers about exactly what their needs are and how we can create a plan that will serve those needs. Additionally, we’ve got the experience to be able to recommend maintenance protocols that have worked for businesses similar to your own. (Don’t worry--we won’t let you forget the stairs!) You can rely on our years of experience and our excellent reputation in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex to ensure that all of your cleaning needs will be satisfactorily met.

At Sonlight Cleaning Services, we believe your business is as unique as the footsteps of the people walking through your doors. Give us a call today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of our experts!


More Frightening Than Halloween

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 20:17 -- Laura M. Pulliam

With Halloween coming up around the corner and everyone stocking their shopping baskets with candy for little trick-or-treaters, it’s easy to forget that something far scarier than Halloween is upon us… germ season. Every corner pharmacy is advertising “Get your flu shot here!” Grocers are stocking their shelves with tissues and chicken noodle soup. Shoppers are reaching for cart-wipes as they enter every store.

As a business owner, what is your plan of action? If you haven’t already, it’s time to evaluate your preparedness. A commercial cleaning service can dramatically decrease the spread of germs in your business. The professional janitorial staff of Sonlight Cleaning Services is experienced in keeping businesses clean throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and we are prepared to work with you to create an action plan to ensure that your facilities remain not only visually clean but sanitized as well. This is where a daily janitorial service--and even a day porter service--proves extremely beneficial. Frequency of cleaning is an important factor to consider as you create your “germ season preparedness” plan.

When considering how frequently your facilities need to be cleaned, think in terms of “touches per day.” Imagine for a moment that you manage a doctor’s office. If there are four physicians in the practice and each one will see (conservatively) 15 patients in a day, that’s 60 patient hands opening the front door. How many of those patients are contagious? It’s scary when you start to think about it!

How many visitors walk through those doors each day?

How many entrances are there? How many interior doors?

How many elevator buttons?

How many bathrooms? How many faucet handles?

That’s a lot of touches per day!

When you begin to think about the number of “touches per day” that different items or areas in your facility encounter, you can see why Sonlight Cleaning Services recommends a day porter service to keep those door handles, bathrooms, countertops, etc. clean and sanitized throughout the day.

With a little bit of sanitizing agent and manpower, even the scariest germs are vanquished by the (cleaning) superheroes at Sonlight Cleaning Services!

Encouraging Good Handwashing Practices

Tue, 10/23/2018 - 12:54 -- Laura M. Pulliam


We all know that you should wash your hands after using the bathroom or blowing your nose and before handing food. But do most people incorporate this simple practice into everyday habit?

Most parents spend countless hours throughout their children’s early years teaching proper hygiene, but somewhere between adolescence and adulthood, some of those habits simply fade away. As humorous as it may be to think about, an employer simply can’t take the same parent/child approach to handwashing--imagine singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as your employees suds up! So how can you promote handwashing among your patrons, students, and/or employees?

The very best approach is surprisingly simple--keep your bathroom well-stockedThink about it this way… the best of hygiene intentions are thwarted by an empty soap dispenser. And no one wants to bother washing their hands when the paper towel dispenser is depleted. The janitorial services provided by Sonlight Cleaning Services will keep your bathrooms clean, sanitized, and fully provisioned

For higher-traffic facilities, we highly recommend a day porter service to ensure that paper towels, toilet paper, soap & hand sanitizing dispensers remain stocked throughout the day. We use Jan San Supplies and will track your company’s usage and preferred products as well as ensure that supply reorders are placed in a timely manner so that you are never caught empty handed.

Encourage good handwashing practices by letting Sonlight Cleaning Services partner with your  school, business, or office. Don’t let illness run rampant--take the straightforward approach to fighting fall flu season by calling Sonlight Cleaning Services today!


Festively Fall

Fri, 10/12/2018 - 14:37 -- Laura M. Pulliam

Saturday, September 22 marked the autumnal equinox--otherwise known as the first day of fall. Given that the temperatures never dropped below 70 degrees on that day, most of us probably didn’t mark the occasion with any significance. But as evening temps begin to dip into the 60s (and even 50s), I think it’s safe to say that fall--or at least the Texas version of that transitional season--is most certainly upon us!

I remember that childhood conundrum this time of year and maybe you had it, too. As you began the all-important selection process for your Halloween costume, there was always that lingering question in the back of your mind, “Will it be hot and humid or cold and windy on the 31st?” Seems like it’s always one extreme or the other in Texas! With historically unpredictable temperatures during the so-called “Texas Autumn,” it’s good to plan other means (more in your control) to start getting in the festively fall state of mind.

Here are a few ideas to help you get your place of business looking festively fall, compliments of Sonlight Cleaning Services, your go-to commercial cleaning service for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex:

  • Start with a trip to your local grocery store to pick up a decorative pumpkin for the front porch! When you put that pumpkin in front of your place of business, take a look at the exterior entryway. Is the concrete discolored? Is there evidence of mold? Sonlight provides power washing services that can take care of that in no time so that the spotlight is on your new gourd, not the old gunk on the sidewalk. Another fun idea for the front porch is to buy (or make) a fall wreath for the door!
  • Add a seasonally-appropriate floral arrangement. Flowers aren’t just for spring! Chrysanthemums, delphinium, eucalyptus, gray brunia, and roses in deep and jewel-toned hues make beautiful centerpieces for entryway tables, reception areas, and office waiting rooms alike.
  • Swap out your everyday rugs for autumn-toned floor coverings in deep oranges, reds, and browns. Rugs, though functional, are often one of the simplest yet high-impact opportunities for bringing beautiful seasonal colors into your business. Before you roll up your other rugs for storage, though, remember to call Sonlight Cleaning Services for carpeting stain treatment, cleaning, and deodorizing. The last thing you want is to pull out a musty rug next season!
  • Hang grapevine wreaths in front windows. These plain 8” wreaths can be purchased inexpensively and decorated to match your business decor! All your window dressings will go unnoticed if they’re surrounded by fingerprints and smudges, though. Don’t forget to schedule Sonlight Cleaning Services to wash those windows beforehand.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for getting your office, medical building, school, church, or other place of business looking ready for fall! Call Sonlight Cleaning Services to schedule your specialty and routine cleaning today!

Soggy September

Fri, 10/05/2018 - 14:32 -- Laura M. Pulliam
The month of September was a wet one. With more wet days than dry, it’s safe to say that we’re all ready to hang up our rain ponchos for a while. The average September rainfall in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is just under three inches… this last month saw a deluge of almost thirteen inches! Rain is necessary and even beautiful. But it also can leave a stream of mess behind. There are certainly proactive steps you can take to keep your business clean when it’s raining outside (some of these you probably already utilize in your home environment).
  1. Add an extra rug (or three). It’s a good idea to keep extra rugs for each entry point on hand for when the elements unleash. Those extra few steps on an absorbent surface can help remove water or slippery leaves from shoes and help prevent falls on hard floors or muddy footprints on carpeted floors. A day porter service is invaluable on rainy days because the constant attention to those entry points helps curb water and dirt from being tracked throughout the entirety of the building. Is it really the best use of your time if you don’t have time to abandon your desk and take up a vacuum yourself? Let our pros help keep your space beautiful, even when it’s pouring outside.
  2. Control the mess before it spreads. It will be much easier to restore your business or office to its original glory once the storms have subsided if you simply take the time to contain messes as they happen. For example, a mid-day sweep and mop of high-traffic areas will lessen the amount of mud and dirt that makes it to other parts of the building.
  3. Be prepared for emergencies. Nobody plans for their business to sustain water damage. But sometimes all it takes is a leaf-clogged French drain for a surprising puddle to form. These kinds of emergencies often blind-  side business owners who are even nowhere near a flood zone. Time wasted in these circumstances can equate to costly repairs later. The best way to be prepared is to save the number for Sonlight Cleaning Service. Our carpet cleaning and flood restoration team is there to help when unwanted water strikes.
  4. Relax and regroup. At the end of the day, you can rest in knowing that nothing remains unscathed during rainy seasons. At the end of the day (or week), everyone will need to wash their car, polish their shoes, and play a little “catch-up” in order to get things back to normal. Sonlight’s cleaning professionals will have your place looking good-as-new in no time!
     There’s no getting around it--rain is a harbinger of dirt, leaves, and mud in all the places our feet frequent. Don’t allow the stress of an otherwise beautiful thing to dampen your spirits. Sonlight Cleaning Services has professional janitorial staff that will help you combat the rain-induced dirt in your place of business. Why wait for the next storm to strike? Give us a Call Today!

Three (More!) Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial Cleaner

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 16:07 -- Laura M. Pulliam

In the last blog post, we introduced a few important questions to ask when choosing the right commercial cleaning company for your business, school, medical facility, church, or other professional building. Today we’re bringing you three more important questions to ask to ensure that you find the right fit for your needs!

1) Are you insured?

While none of us likes to think about “worst case scenarios,” it’s as the old saying goes--an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Think of insurance like an ounce of prevention. Hopefully you will never need it, but wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind in knowing that you are working with a fully insured company? At Sonlight Cleaning Service, we care about your peace of mind. That’s why we carry $2,000,000 for all our customers in General Liability Insurance in addition to Texas Workers Compensation Insurance (bonded with a $10,000 security bond). And did we mention we only work through A+rated insurance companies? Sonlight is OSHA compliant, licensed, bonded and insured with an excellent safety record. Part of client care, in our book, means taking a proactive step when it comes to minimizing risk for our customers.

2) What services do you offer?

Before you start gathering quotes, begin by touring your facilities with a notepad and pen in hand. In one column, write down your current cleaning needs. In another column, take note of what your needs could be in two, five, and ten years as your business grows! The best use of your time is to find a commercial cleaning company that can grow with you… otherwise you’ll have to repeat this whole process again in the future, wasting both time and energy.

Sonlight Cleaning Services offers a vast array of services that can grow with your needs. From the most basic janitorial services to more specialize VCT care, window cleaning, power washing, and flood restoration,  we’ve got you covered! Additionally, our account managers are on call 24/7 for your most time-sensitive needs. Frozen pipes? Overflowing toilets? We’re here when you need us most!

3) Do you offer pre-made packages or can you customize packages for my unique needs?

We’ve all been there. You walk into a business and the so-called “packages” seem like fronts for causing you to purchase things you don’t actually need. At Sonlight, we believe your needs are as unique as your business. Our account managers will work with you to create a fully-customized action plan for keeping your facilities in tip-top shape! We provide you with a written contract that will outline all of the details specific to your business.

From bid contract period to cleaning schedule, we’ll work to create the right plan for you! Why wait? Contact Us Today!



Three Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial Cleaner

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 13:04 -- Laura M. Pulliam

With over 40 million Americans utilizing thousands of online dating websites, I think it’s safe to say that everyone is on the hunt for the right relationship. But finding the right match applies to more than just marriages. It’s not uncommon for people to drive past three other grocery stores in order to visit their favorite. I once met a lady who was willing to drive to the next county to see her hairdresser. Once you find a dentist you love, it’s hard to break ties when you move. When it comes to finding the right commercial cleaner for your business, school, medical facility, church, or other professional building, it’s important to ask the right questions so that you find that perfect harmony in your professional relationship.

Here are three questions to get you started:

1) How long have you been in business?

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with supporting small start-up businesses. Every business starts somewhere! But this is still an important question to ask because it lets you know what kind of history and reputation the company has built for itself. Is it brand new? Do they have enough experience to support your cleaning needs? Are they large enough to offer competitive pricing? What is their reputation in the community? Sonlight Cleaning Services started as a small business… over thirty years ago! We’ve spent the last three decades building a great reputation in the Dallas/Fort Worth community. Owned and operated by one individual, President and CEO Cathy Reichert, we neither franchise nor sell our contracts, so you can be guaranteed a consistent service when you work with our team.

2) How do you screen and train your employees?

Commercial janitorial staff are often the first ones in or last ones out of a building. You want to know who you’re working with! Are they trustworthy? Do they know what they’re doing? Sonlight Cleaning Services is proud to work with an amazing team of employees that have undergone extensive training and passed a thorough background check. We only hire individuals who have the experience and character to meet our high standards.

All of our employees complete a thorough training program, which includes one-on-one sessions with a qualified supervisor and instruction in cleaning methods, OSHA regulations, proper use of chemicals, equipment, safe handling of clients’ furniture, and security procedures.

3) What professional certifications do you have?

If you want to make sure you’re working with professionals, ask about certifications and memberships. Think of these like stamps of authenticity--a third party is confirming the standards of the business into which you are inquiring. It gives their business legitimacy and gives you peace of mind in knowing you’re dealing with a reputable (and trustworthy) company. Sonlight Cleaning Services is a certified professional through the IICRC and multiple other organizations. Click here to see our full list!

Stay tuned next week for three more important questions to ask. On the other hand, why wait? Give Sonlight Cleaning Services a call for a free quote today!

Back To School Basics

Fri, 08/31/2018 - 14:17 -- Laura M. Pulliam

As Facebook feeds fill with the obligatory “first-day" snapshots, it's apparent that another school year is officially in session. Mothers and fathers everywhere send their children off with either relief or grief (or sometimes a mixture of the two--especially when their students are at the very beginning or very end of their academic career). It’s safe to say that for every glistening eye there is also another parent breathing a sigh of relief as the flurry of summer activity settles down into the relatively predictable rhythm of the school year. But for those seasoned parents, another more ominous thought is in the back of their minds... because they know that another season is fast approaching…


There’s just something about the summers that promotes a carefree attitude when it comes to matters of hygiene. Running around in bare feet, eating watermelon on the front porch, splashing in the pool, playing in the grass… it’s no wonder that a cavalier attitude toward cleanliness is cultivated in those hot summer months. By the time school is back in session, parents and educators begin bracing themselves for the new vocabulary--seemingly on repeat--they will use to reinvigorate the hygiene efforts that were undone during the previous three months.

“Cover your mouth! Use a tissue! Wash your hands!” These words seem almost foreign against the backdrop of a child’s carefree summer. Where students’ hygiene efforts falter, Sonlight Cleaning Services comes to the rescue.Last year’s flu season began in October and peaked in January. Cold and flu season hits the Dallas-Fort Worth area hardest when temperatures begin to drop, but germs can strike at any time. That’s why it’s important to take proactive steps to keep your school clean. Every case of the flu equates to days (if not weeks) of missed school for every student who contracts it--and this is not even accounting for the potential manpower lost should a teacher or administrator become ill.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Sonlight Cleaning Services knows the value of a clean campus not only for aesthetic reasons but for health reasons as well. Our cleaning professionals will ensure that from doorknob to desk, your school is ready for a year of success! Don’t wait for illness to attack; contact Sonlight Cleaning Services for your free quote today.  



Back to School Preparations

Mon, 08/13/2018 - 20:12 -- Laura M. Pulliam

With the tax free weekend in the rearview mirror, it’s full steam ahead toward the beginning of a new school year. Teachers are getting back into the classroom to ready their domain for the reception of a batch of fresh faces. Administrators are gearing up for a new student roster. Parents are gathering back-to-school uniforms, backpacks, and supplies.

Employees and employers alike are bracing themselves for a certain level of anticipated chaos as children and parents alike get back into the normal rhythm of things after summer break. But before the routine of the next nine months gets underway, it’s nice to take in one more relaxing weekend--a cup of coffee on the patio, extra morning snuggles with the kids or grandkids, one more dip in the pool.

Don’t Forget the Workplace!

Is your place of business ready for the rhythm of another school year? Many folks utilize the summer months to take advantage of their well-earned vacation time. It’s not uncommon to let things “slide” around the office just a little more during the hot months when everything just seems to move a little bit slower.

Now is the right time to start kicking things into high gear so that you can utilize the freshness of a new school year and harness the energy of post-vacation (refreshed!) employees. Is your office set up for success? Whenever I give my home a spring-cleaning, I always notice a boost in my energy and outlook. Did you know you can harness this tendency in the workplace, too?

Your Stress-Free Solution is Right Here

Contact one of the workplace care experts at Sonlight Cleaning Services. We’ll help you create a one-time or year-round cleaning plan that will ensure your place of business is set for success. As you make those back-to-school preparations, remember to prepare your office! All it takes is a phone call to get this academic year off to a great start in your business, school, church, medical facility, or other commercial facility. Contact Sonlight Cleaning Services today!


Your Office Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Tue, 08/07/2018 - 12:50 -- Laura M. Pulliam

It’s Moving Season in Texas

Whether we’re ready for it or not, late summer has arrived in Texas. The “angry heat” of August is upon us. And unless this is your first season in central Texas, you know what I’m talking about. A mild spring makes way to a suddenly steamy summer, which just seems to continue on until you don’t think you can handle the heat anymore. And then comes August...Google searches for “moving” in Texas peak between late July and early August, ironically the hottest months in the state. Despite mild winters, it seems that late summer (before the start of a new academic year) is still the most popular time to move.

Because household moves typically coincide with a business move, Sonlight Cleaning Services has compiled a handy cleaning checklist for those inevitable office moves. We’re your go-to commercial cleaning service because we’ve been keeping the Dallas/Fort Worth community clean for over thirty years. We’re a trusted name when it comes to keeping commercial buildings, schools, medical facilities, and churches looking their best.If the lease on your building is up and you’re looking to upgrade or change locations, it’s important to keep these to-do’s in mind so that you keep a good reputation in the community and don’t lose your deposit over a dingy workspace!

Office Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

•             Remove nails and repair holes

•             Dust light fixtures, fans, window sills, and baseboards

•             Wash windows

•             Wash walls

•             Clean insides and outsides of cabinetry and other built-ins

•             Spot-clean any especially dingy areas

(pay special attention to high-touch things like door knobs and drawer pulls, where body oils can cause dust and dirt to build up)

•             Check floors for any spot treatment needs

(look closely around copiers, which have a tendency to leave a dusting of black powder all over)

•             Vacuum and deep-clean carpets

(Sonlight Cleaning Services offers extraction carpet cleaning, which can help minimize the indents left in your carpet by heavy pieces of furniture)

•             Sweep, mop, and buff hard floors

•             Clean toilets and sinks

•             Deep-clean break room or kitchen, including refrigerator

•             Empty all trash receptacles

•             Check and replace any burned out lightbulbs

•             Turn in your keys!


Hire the Best Office Move-Out Cleaner in Dallas/Fort Worth!

You’ve got enough on your plate with the move itself. Packing important files, communicating the move to your clients, coordinating with the new office location, arranging for movers, transferring utilities… it’s safe to say your hands are full. Leave the cleaning part to us so you can catch a breather! If you’ve ever tackled a home move before, you know that after the exhaustion of the packing process has set in, the last thing you want to do is pick up a mop bucket. Hire Sonlight Cleaning Services to make quick work of this checklist so that you can put your feet up! Give us a call about two months before your expected move date so one of our professionals can work with you to create a cleanup plan that suits your office and your needs.



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