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A Sober Reminder of Why A Professional is Important for Your Business

Fri, 11/15/2019 - 17:45 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Last week we gave a nod to maintenance professionals in honor of Maintenance Professionals Week. This week we want to highlight yet another important reason we celebrate the professionals

In early November, a tragic cleaning chemical accident led to the death of a restaurant worker in Massachusetts. The story goes that one employee was preparing the floors for cleaning when he improperly mixed sodium hypochlorite with another agent, causing a volatile reaction. Interim fire chief Patterson said of the incident, “The gentleman that passed away was an employee of Buffalo Wild Wings who attempted to squeegee the product out of the building when he was overcome.” He later died at the hospital and ten other employees and patrons were also hospitalized due to exposure to the chemicals. 

While this may seem like a bizarre and freak accident, these types of cleaning chemical problems are all too common, especially in situations such as this one where regular employees--not cleaning professionals--are tasked with cleaning duties. As the fire chief explained, “[Sodium hypochlorite] is a common product used in floor cleaning… it was just a reaction that led to this.” 

I remember my high school and college days--working a variety of odd jobs and in various fields. It was not uncommon to be told that cleaning duties were a part of the regular routine. I look at stories like this one and wonder how many other companies out there are doing the same thing--risking the safety of their patrons and employees (and opening themselves up to massive liability risks) by having non professionals do a job that should best be left to those with the training and qualifications to do them. I was a pretty smart kid but I certainly didn't know much about cleaning chemicals and the proper safety precautions necessary when using them. This story is a sober reminder that cleaning with chemicals is serious business.

At Sonlight Cleaning Services, we know the risks and we take these risks seriously. That’s why we thoroughly screen our applicants, send our employees through rigorous training, and ensure that each cleaning professional spend one-on-one training time with a supervisor before ever working solo. 

We know that, as this story reminds us, cleaning chemicals have the potential to do just as much harm (if used improperly) as good so we maintain a complete reference library of cleaning materials and methods and encourage their regular review by employees. Our professionals not only learn cleaning methods, but also OSHA regulations, proper use of chemicals & equipment, and safe handling of clients’ furnishings (one drop of the wrong cleaning chemical and your sofa won’t look so great).

If your organization is taking a non professional approach to keeping your facilities clean, it’s time to consider the unnecessary risk you may be taking in doing so. Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex that is poised and ready to bring you the most professional service, employees, and plan for keeping your business in its best shape… safely. Contact us Today for a free evaluation of your cleaning requirments.

The Importance of Maintenance Professionals

Fri, 11/08/2019 - 14:54 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Depending on which internet expert you consult, Maintenance Appreciation Week happens in January, May, or November. With so many conflicting options, it’s hard to know what the “correct” date or dates may be! Regardless, we think there’s never a bad time to express your gratitude for the people who make your life easier. And what better time than in the days leading up to Thanksgiving?

One late-night television comedian has a humorous segment this time of year on the subject of writing thank-you cards. In theory, it sounds fairly uncomical--what’s so funny about writing a letter?--but he has quite the knack for wording his expressions of gratitude! If this comedian was in charge of writing thank-you notes to the Sonlight Cleaning Services employees and the “tools of the trade” they use, here’s what those notes might sound like: 

  • Thank you, mops, for making me never wanting to step on my pristine floors again.
  • Thank you, janitors, for being like magical elves who make the break room look like new every evening… even though my employees will sweep through like a herd of elephants tomorrow and you’ll have to do it all over again.
  • Thank you, upholstery cleaners, for somehow undoing whatever was done to that armchair in the hallway.
  • Thank you, window washers, for removing all those grubby fingerprints from the windows and every glass door. I’m sorry people can’t seem to find the handles and push on the glass every single time. (So I guess this means I’ll see you again soon!)
  • Thank you, “wet floor” signs, for making me laugh every time I see the wildly flailing stick figure on your bright yellow front.
  • Thank you, wall washers, for reminding us that walls get really, really disgusting when you forget to clean them for… I don’t know… a whole year? Oops!

Okay so as fun as it is to have a good laugh, you probably don’t want to include these sentiments on your thank you cards during Maintenance Appreciation week!

Sonlight Cleaning Services is proud to work with a skilled and highly-trained team of employees to bring the best possible janitorial and maintenance care to the companies we serve in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We set very high standards for employment, including a thorough background check. Each of our team members is thoroughly trained and works closely with a supervisor during their training period, which means our team is filled with high-caliber individuals. We have set a vision for our company to be honest, to exceed our customers’ expectations, and to develop ourselves and others to their fullest potential. 

We are grateful for our team members and we think you will be, too. Call us today to find out what it feels like to be appreciative of your maintenance team every day of the year!

Special Cleaning Considerations in Windy Conditions

Fri, 11/01/2019 - 13:18 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Windy conditions created a hazardous situation for a pair of window washers this past May. Devon Tower, the tallest building in Oklahoma, was getting squeaky clean windows when high winds caused the scaffold on which the two window washers were standing to begin swinging wildly out of control. Video footage of the event at first looks like a questionable carnival ride... until the crane holding the lift sways to one side, breaking windows and sending a stream of glass glittering to the ground below. The terrifying ordeal ended without injury to the workers, thanks to quick work by the fire department. 

Just this week, a cold front blustered its way through Texas, with gusts as high as 40 miles per hour recorded in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Gusts this powerful can damage trees, power lines, and small structures. Winds over 30 miles per hour can cause problems for high-profile vehicles. Clearly, high winds can be a very troubling weather event.

After the cold front swept through, I stepped out my front door and noticed what you probably noticed at your facilities as well. My formerly-pristine front walk was littered with leaves, dirt, and sticks. No more than a day passed and I noticed that the outdoors was steadily making its way indoors. Every time the front door opened or closed, a gust of air sent leaves and debris scampering into the entryway. Each new set of footsteps through the entryway crunched those leaves into a fine powder than then found its way into every square foot of the facilities.

High winds can be damaging, but even a light breeze can be demoralizing when it comes to the cleanliness of your facilities. And unlike the mess brought about by rain, no number of rugs can keep the ruin at bay. What your employees and patrons fail to track in, the wind will no doubt sweep in the next time that door opens! Whether you manage the facilities for a medical facility, school, church, office building, or financial institution, you know how much first impressions count. Don’t let a blustery day cost you business.

When you contract your regular janitorial cleaning through Sonlight Cleaning Services, its simple to solve the wind problem. Our day porter service is just what you need. While daily janitorial staff can focus on giving your facilities a much-needed end-of-day deep clean, a day porter’s job is to keep things looking neat and tidy throughout even the windiest day. With a combination of frequent vacuuming, sweeping, and rug swapping, our team members are skilled at making sure every person’s first impression is impeccable. After winds have subsided, call in our power washing team to remove dirt and mold from your sidewalks. Our window washing team is also on standby to wash away all the grime left behind by high winds (buildings under 40 feet only--no wild rides for our guys!). 

Windy days and every day, Sonlight Cleaning Services is your partner in keeping your facilities clean!

Clean Bathrooms Are Good For Business

Fri, 10/25/2019 - 20:52 -- Anonymous (not verified)

You may have heard of contests for best dressed. While typically these kinds of competitions--formal or informal--seem to be associated with high-fashion events, there are plenty of more lighthearted counterparts. With Halloween just around the corner, you’ve likely heard of at least a few costume competitions going on nearby!

But costumes and name-brand gowns aren’t the only things that competition judges and the general public inspect and pronounce judgement over. Did you know that there is an annual bathroom competition? Hosted by Cintas Corporation, this competition dates back to 2002 and has featured some of the most breathtaking--in a good way!--restrooms in America.

This year’s winner was the Nashville Zoo. With floor-to-ceiling glass walls featuring one of the zoo’s spectacular exhibits, this bathroom truly is unique! The women’s restroom featured six cotton-top tamarin monkeys while the men’s restroom featured a boelens python snake. Yikes!

It’s pretty entertaining to browse through the Best Bathroom Contest hall of fame. This collection contains pictures of other impressive winners and runners-up. Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia (2014 winner) has each of 17 bathroom doors located along the longest “green wall” of living plants in North America. 

Not all previous winners feature living things, though. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was awarded the 2016 title of Best Bathroom for a number of reasons, notably the way restrooms feature mosaic art from regional artists.

Texas rest stop chain Buc-ee’s claimed the top title for its New Braunfels location in 2012. Though not ornate like winners in other years, it’s bus-stopping number of bathrooms--83 total!--is enough to make even the most stoic judge stop for a slow clap (and a bag of Beaver Nuggets, because who can resist those crunchy-sweet snacks?). 

Nominations for the 2019 contest have closed but the 2020 contest has already begun! Now you may wonder, what does this have to do with me? A quick look at what previous winners have to say is pretty revealing. Besides the fun of the contest itself, these winning businesses reported a dramatic increase in social media and news attention after the contest which then translates into an increase in customer visits. I guess you could say good bathrooms are great for business!

Regardless of whether your bathroom has art or monkeys or just a simple toilet and sink, there is one thing you should note. It’s something that every single winner and runner-up in the competition had in common. Each of their bathrooms was spotlessly clean. Even immaculate, as the contest information page states.

At Sonlight Cleaning Services, we know that first impressions count. That’s why you can count on us to keep your bathrooms looking winner-circle-ready every day of the week. From daily janitorial cleaning to day porter services, we’ve got the man-power and know-how to take care of your facilities--break room to bathroom and everything in between!

Prepare for the (Road) Ice Age! Part 2

Fri, 10/18/2019 - 14:09 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Back when sand was utilized in icy conditions to prevent falls, the greatest concern a property manager might have is scuffs on the floor from the abrasive sand tracked in by someone’s shoes. With the advent of new technologies and a better understanding of de-icing methods, sand has been replaced with chemical powders, granules, and solutions. While these options (particularly granules) can still cause abrasive damage, this is no longer the greatest concern. With chemistry comes a more complicated cleanup.

Did you know that traditional cleaners (mildly alkaline) when mixed with chloride-based ice-melt solutions can permanently damage carpets and rugs? VCT floors may scuff, but a new coat of wax can easily fix the problem. Stained carpets, on the other hand, are an inconvenient and costly problem. That’s why at Sonlight Cleaning Services, we like to be prepared to combat these challenges before they become renovation-worthy problems. Even though we are more than happy to give a floor a new coat of wax when it is needed, we think an ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure! The first step is simply understanding what we’re dealing with when it comes to de-icing agents.

The chemicals used by TxDOT include sodium chloride (NaCl), magnesium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate (CMA), and potassium acetate. Ranging in price from $20 per ton to over $600 per ton, there are pros and cons to each option (meaning on any given occasion, you could be dealing with one or all of these substances coming into your building on people’s shoes). Each of these chemicals include particular challenges for facilities managers. 

  • Sodium chloride (a.k.a. “rock salt”) is mined in such a way that 1-4% of the solution may contain impurities such as gypsum, shale, dolomite, and quartz. In other words, you could be dealing not only with chemical stains but highly-abrasive components as well.
  • Magnesium chloride is extracted from the Great Salt Lake and is mixed into a brine for liquid application. While lauded as less harmful to property and the environment than other options, magnesium chloride can only be used on wet roads making it, therefore, not the best option in all scenarios. 
  • Calcium magnesium acetate is simply not as accessible (nor as effective in many cases) as other options, though it is the option with the least environmental impact. While it may not damage property, it will cause scaling which will require clean-up after the precipitation has melted. 
  • Potassium acetate is a type of salt known commercially as “potash.” This water-soluble compound is combustible in its dry state. It can be used as a pre-wetting solution by itself or with dry salt. Again, this combination can cause both chemical and abrasive problems for your floors.

Whew! Who knew combating ice could be so complicated? It’s easy to look at this list and get overwhelmed. But if you contract your weekly janitorial services through Sonlight Cleaning Services, you can rest easy. We make it a point to stay up-to-date on the best cleaning approaches out there. If there is a way to prevent a costly post-snow-day repair on your end, you can rest assured that we will find it. Streak marks on the hard floors? White crystalline residue on the carpet? Leftover scaling on the sidewalks? From hot water carpet extraction to power washing, we can help you get your campus looking good-as-new in no time! Call Sonlight Cleaning Services today. We’ll not only help you prepare for the upcoming bad-weather days, we’ll be with you every day in between.

Prepare for the (Road) Ice Age! Part 1

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 15:47 -- Anonymous (not verified)

A “Texas fall” is unlike fall in other parts of the country. We don’t have the whispering yellow aspen leaves of the Rocky Mountain states. Nor do we have the bright red-orange foliage of New England. While states like Colorado are bracing for their first snow of the season, we in Texas are fairly dancing over the fact that daily temperatures are dipping into the 60s overnight. (Pass the hot chocolate! Cue the unpacking of sweaters!)

It’s almost laughable to think that winter is just around the corner. The first cool front is just barely upon us--but did you know that we’re a mere two months away from average lows dipping into freezing temperatures?

If you are the property manager for a church, business, school, industrial building, financial institution, or medical facility, it’s important to be thinking forward, not waiting until the cool weather has arrived to make a game-plan for managing the effects of freezing temperatures.

Have you ever noticed how every single overpass and bridge in our great, steamy-hot state has a yellow sign that says, “Bridge May Ice In Cold Weather”? Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is currently gearing up to combat the potential ice situation by stocking up on ice-defeating supplies--both de-icing and anti-icing agents. Anti-icing agents are applied before temperatures are expected to dip and suppress ice buildup while de-icing agents are typically sprayed over the surface of freezing precipitation buildup to help break up snow and ice. (In Part II, we’ll be covering each of the four chemicals TxDOT may be using this winter.)

As TxDOT prepares to cover roads with de-icing and anti-icing chemicals, you will want to take some precautions in regards to your campus. There are two types of precautions we’ll talk about in part I & part II of this article. The first concerns prevention and the second concerns cleanup. In part II, we’ll dig a little deeper into the chemistry, but for today let’s just focus on the fact that ice-melt can be a slippery, messy, ugly problem if not addressed quickly.

The first precaution--prevention--is probably the easiest step. Sonlight Cleaning Services recommends adding additional rugs to entryways as well as a day porter service to your regular janitorial cleaning service. As ice-melting agents do their job, your employees, clients, and customers will inevitably track these chemicals in on their shoes (along with the melted ice). Combined, you are looking at a slip-and-fall prone environment. Rugs can help keep much of the problem at bay so long as they are cleaned or replaced with regularity. This is where a day porter becomes an invaluable asset to your facilities management. 

Don’t wait for the first freeze to catch you off guard. Let the pros at Sonlight Cleaning Services help you prepare for the icy roads ahead!

Choosing the Perfect Fit in a Cleaning Company

Thu, 10/03/2019 - 18:00 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Before you walk into a department store to purchase an outfit for a special event, you probably have certain criteria in mind. You’ve answered a set of questions that will help you make the right decision in the face of endless options. What kind of an event is it? If it’s indoor versus outdoor, that’s a major consideration. If it’s a morning brunch versus evening cocktail event, that’s another major consideration. What’s your budget? If it’s fairly conservative, you probably shouldn’t start your shopping excursion at the most expensive store in the mall. What’s your size? Before you start hitting the dressing room, you might want to have some idea of your measurements so you are sure to find a good fit.

If you were shopping for something so simple as an outfit for a singular event, you would answer a few key questions before even getting in your car. When it comes to contracting a commercial cleaning company for your facilities, there are similarly some very important questions to ask yourself ahead of time so that you find the best fit for your organization. 

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex that has been serving this community for over thirty years. In that time, we’ve come up with some important questions that can help you figure out what your “style” is, so to speak!

  1. Is it important to you to work with a local cleaning company? Franchise may be fine, but if you want a business that is as deeply invested in your community as you are, this is an important question to consider. Sonlight is a family-owned business, led by one owner for over three decades. We do not franchise. You can rest assured that we offer a consistent clean to every facility we contract. 
  2. What’s the square footage of your facilities? This will be one of the first questions a cleaning company will be asking so it’s good to know the combined square footage of your campus before you make your first phone call. Sonlight is capable of cleaning it all! If you know you might be expanding in the future, you probably want to choose a company that can scale your services as you grow so you won’t have to be hunting for a new cleaning company every time your campus has a “growth spurt.”
  3. What kind of services do you need now? What kind of services might you need in the course of five years? This goes back to the last question, but you want to take growth into consideration. Perhaps you’re only thinking about daily janitorial cleaning right now, but if over the course of five years, you’ll also need to deep clean your carpets, power wash your sidewalks, and wash your windows, it might be worth contracting a cleaning company that can do all of those things (saving you valuable time and money in the long run). Sonlight Cleaning Company is a full-service cleaning company. We offer everything listed so far as well as extras like day porter services, specialty hard floor care, upholstery cleaning, janitorial supplies, etc. Our customers have endless options available and can customize their care routine to fit their needs perfectly.
  4. What kind of customer service do you expect? Part of being a family-owned business means that we believe people matter. When you contact Sonlight Cleaning Services, you’ll talk to a real person who shares our company values of building enduring relationships through integrity and honesty. We are committed to treating our customers and staff with the highest level of respect and dignity. We will always make sure our customers are satisfied. We train and background check all of our personnel. As a team, we seek to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Give us a call! You’ll be greeted by one of our team members, not an automated message or answering service. 

At Sonlight Cleaning Services, we aren’t convinced by the “one size fits all” approach. We believe each client deserves a tailor-fit cleaning routine that will make their organization stand out in a crowd. Why? Because first impressions count!


Water Woes that Won’t Make Headlines

Fri, 09/27/2019 - 13:18 -- Anonymous (not verified)

As tropical storm Imelda pummeled the gulf coast last week, meteorologists worriedly watched not one but six more storm systems begin to take shape. Imelda brought a devastating amount of rain to Houston, Baytown, and many small towns in between. Splendora and Winnie (two communities you’ve probably never even heard of) received twenty-four inches of rain in as many hours, leaving countless homes and businesses flooded. 

Cleanup efforts for these disasters is just beginning--and will continue for some time. If you were among the many Texans hoping for just a few drops of precious water on a drought-stricken Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, what can you do? There are two things, I think. The first is to support your fellow Texans through reputable disaster-response organizations (either through financial gifts or by serving on a cleanup team when you have a free weekend). The second is to take a moment to learn about mold and why it is the “secondary natural disaster” to strike a flooded building. 

If you are a building owner, you want to be as informed as possible about mold and have an action plan at the ready should you need it. Now Dallas and Fort Worth may not be as susceptible to flooding as other cities, but that does not mean you’re “safe.” In fact, the homes and businesses that fare best after a storm-induced flood are the ones who prepare. Because the disaster does not have the element of surprise, they are quick to respond. This quick response is the best offense against mold, which can grow in wet conditions with impressive speed. 

Unwanted water can come from a variety of sources--excess rain, clogged storm drains, construction runoff, burst pipes (think both plumbing pipes and fire control systems), overflowing toilets, and even vandalism. No matter where you live, you can be affected by water intrusion. So what do you need to know that will help you be prepared? The first is that excessive water removal probably won’t be your biggest problem. In many cases, the large majority of the water clears out of the building quickly and of its own accord. Many businesses that had up to a foot of water during Imelda were “all clear” within an hour or two of the rain ceasing. And this is where the opportunity begins. As soon as the water is gone, you have a small window of time to dry things out before major deconstruction must happen. Mold remediation is the number one priority. Mold likes to grow in warm, damp places. That’s why you want to remove that “ideal mold habitat” in a hurry. 

In the case of devastating water damage--such as that caused by a natural disaster--a specialist may be needed to assess the extent of damages to the structure (including drywall, cabinetry, and appliance removal). But what about all those other types of water damage? While natural disaster flooding may be in the headlines, the far more common water problem is when a toilet overflows or a pipe bursts, leaving you with soggy carpets and a serious headache. 

Here’s the good news--you can skip the headache when you contract your regular janitorial cleaning through Sonlight Cleaning Services. We know that it’s hard to expect the unexpected. That’s why we do it for you. Our carpet cleaning flood restoration team works seamlessly with our janitorial team to make sure that the water is removed. When you contract with us, you will receive emergency contact numbers and emergency project prices. This means that if you’re the first one to arrive in the morning and you step in a puddle near the employee bathrooms, you won’t waste a moment wondering who to call (or how much it will cost--you’ve already had enough surprises for one day).

Just because small water woes won’t make headlines doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about them. It just means you need to be informed. When you talk with a contract specialist at Sonlight Cleaning Services, we’ll walk you through getting an everyday clean as well as an out-of-the-ordinary clean.


Taming the Dust Bunny

Fri, 09/20/2019 - 13:22 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Imagine a small woodland creature with long ears, soft fur, and a cute button nose. A general consensus in the public has been reached: Bunnies are adorable. But when it comes to the other type of bunny--a dust bunny--well, the public is in agreement on that one as well and the polling numbers don’t look good.

The problem with dust is that it’s more than just a cosmetic inconvenience. It’s actually disgusting and, in some cases, unsafe when you get right down to it (microscopically speaking). 

Dust can be comprised of a variety of particles including pollen, dirt, dead skin cells, hair, textile and paper fibers, etc. Depending on the specific conditions of your facility, the makeup of your unique brand of dust will be very specific. For example, a business that sells rugs wholesale would have a much higher percentage of textile fibers in their dust. A medical office, school, or church, which has many people coming in and out throughout the day, would likely have a higher percentage of dead skin and hair particles in their dust. An office products company might have a higher concentration of paper fibers.

In these scenarios, Sonlight Cleaning Service has a fairly standard approach to combating dust before it becomes a problem. A combination of hand dusting (using cleaning sprays specific to each type of surface), regular vacuuming, and strategic use of doorway rugs is usually a great way to start. 

The dust in some facilities can be a bit more individualized and, therefore, deserves an individualized cleaning approach. There are two types of dust, in particular, that are worth addressing individually--corrugate dust and concrete dust--because they are often found in noticeably large quantities.

Businesses that process or handle corrugated boxes with regularity are prone to corrugate dust. In addition to being an irritant to lungs and eyes, corrugate dust creates a slippery surface on floors and can even create problems in machinery parts (imagine sprinkling sand onto your bicycle gears and you’ll get some idea of the effect). Floors must be wet mopped to remove corrugate dust particles and many businesses additionally upgrade their air filtration system.

The other type of “specialty” dust worth talking about is concrete dust. Caused by construction or renovation either within the facility itself or in close proximity, concrete dust is hazardous to the health of your workers. Concrete dust removal requires the use of industrial HEPA filter vacuums and, in the case of highly-concentrated dust areas, OSHA-approved masks during dust removal. Especially if your business is in an area of town that is rapidly developing or experiencing the ever-popular “gentrification,” you are probably exposed to more concrete dust than you think!

Don’t let dust create a visual nuisance or threat to health in your facility. Call Sonlight Cleaning Services to do battle against the dust bunny for you!


Keep On Walking!

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 12:34 -- Anonymous (not verified)

The secretary of a mid-size to large office never has to worry about “getting their steps in” for the day. I’ve worked at a few churches and if there’s one thing I know about a church secretary, it’s that they are always busy. Across the hall to the workroom. Down the hall to open the side door for the women’s quilting group. Up to the front to answer the doorbell. Around the corner to the printer. Step, step, step… always on the go! Even though they have a desk, they rarely have a moment to sit at it because something is always demanding their attention.

But this came at a price… and the one to pay it was the front office and hallway carpet. You see, down the hall and on around the corner, there was a clearly-defined pathway--a mark worn by time and the day-to-day footsteps of a dedicated secretary. You see, no matter how wonderful the carpet looked the day it was installed, lack of care made the secretary’s everyday footpath as noticeable as a racetrack. 

The commercial-grade carpet (which was light blue elsewhere) was an undesirable shade of brown-blue in the 18-inch wide pathway where our secretary daily walked. But it didn’t have to be this way.

There is a grave misunderstanding about commercial-grade carpet. Though durable, this flooring type (like all flooring types) has its limits. When cared for properly, commercial-grade carpet can last for years. As you can tell from this example, however, there are noticeable consequences when proper care is not taken. That carpet, which should have lasted many more years, ended up being replaced--a costly and disruptive solution that might have been avoided with a regular cleaning routine.

If you’d like to avoid this type of mistake and inconvenience in your place of business, church, school, etc., we have good news. Sonlight Cleaning Services takes a holistic approach to commercial carpet care that ensures the longest possible lifespan for your investment. Our care routine will keep even the most frequently-traversed areas both walkable and looking wonderful for years to come. 

So what should you expect in a commercial carpet cleaning routine? In May of this year, the Carpet and Rug Institute introduced new cleaning standards. Their Commercial Carpet Standard for Maintenance and Cleaning outlines a 5-part approach to keeping commercial carpets looking their best:

  • Soil prevention--for example, using mats and keeping exterior sidewalks clean.
  • Routine maintenance--regular vacuuming with a commercial-grade vacuum.
  • Routine spill, spot, and stain removal
  • Interim maintenance system cleaning systems--for example, carpet bonneting and other surface-level cosmetic cleaning techniques.
  • Deep cleaning systems--regularly-scheduled hot water extraction.

While at first glance this maintenance routine may seem daunting, it can help you avoid the expense and inconvenience of a premature carpet replacement project. And it’s nothing you can’t handle with the help of Sonlight Cleaning Services. We will walk you through the process of setting up a cleaning schedule that will keep your carpets beautiful for years to come… so you can keep on walking and let us do the work!



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