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There’s So Much More to Dust

Fri, 05/17/2019 - 17:58 -- Anonymous (not verified)

There’s more to dust than meets the eye. On the surface--pun intended--dust is no more complicated than a powdery film that clouds our cabinets and countertops. It can very quickly give a space the appearance of being neglected.

Dust is especially noticeable on black or dark surfaces. It tends to gather on surfaces that do not get a lot of physical movement across them (like the centers of conference room tables). It can quickly accumulate on humid or damp surfaces as well as on surfaces that get a lot of air flow--think about A/C return vents and bathroom vents.

But did you know there’s so much more to dust than just appearances? Each and every dust particle finds its origin in one of two places--indoors or outdoors. Outdoor particles include everything from pollen and dirt particles to animal and bird dander. Some studies estimate that this is typically where ⅔ of the dust in your building originates. Indoor particles are primarily made up of dead skin cells--I think I speak for everyone when I say, “gross!”--as well as inorganic elements such as carpet or rug fibers.

When airborne, dust particles can become more than just a visible nuisance. Allergy and asthma sufferers are particularly bothered by dust, especially if their system is sensitive to whatever is in the air. A person who is sensitive to live oak pollen (an extremely popular tree in Texas) will be particularly prone to pollen dust from mid-February to mid-May. Countless sick days are taken each year due to respiratory irritation that could potentially be avoided if… you guessed it… people began to realize that there’s so much more to dust!

On that note, take a look around your facilities and you will likely find that there is so much more that could be dusted. In general, people tend to think about dusting in terms of the most noticeable horizontal surfaces.

At Sonlight Cleaning Service, we specialize in caring for the cleaning needs of these areas and so much more. We offer carpet extraction, which cleans the carpet fibers much deeper than a standard vacuum. Amazingly, some studies are finding particles of pesticides such as DDT down in carpet fibers, even though it has been banned for literally decades! Another oft-forgotten surface that deserves deep dust removal is furniture. Sonlight’s team is trained in upholstered and leather furniture cleaning.

When you need the dust-busting experts on your side, call Sonlight Cleaning Services for powerful and effective dust removal!



Spotless Schools and STAAR Tests

Fri, 05/03/2019 - 12:42 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I had a great conversation with an elementary school administrator this morning that made me think about school cleanliness in a way I had never before thought about it. As we were talking about the upcoming STAAR testing and the distractions that can take students away from those crucial school days, the topic of food allergies came up.

As it turns out, her son has a peanut allergy. Since I was there to talk about renting the school facility for a weekend activity, this news prompted me to ask, “Do we need to avoid bringing peanuts or other food items on campus?”

If you are a school administrator of school campus facilitator, this is a concern that is worth taking seriously. Food allergies and sensitivities are only one of many reasons that your school needs to be seriously clean. After flu season has drawn to a close, it’s easy to get lax about this topic, but my conversation this morning was an unexpected reminder that school cleanliness is just as important the rest of the year as it is during cold and flu season.

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning service with the capacity and experience to work with your private school, public school, or administrative office buildings. Our helpful staff and highly trained team members are ready to ensure that at the end of every school day and weekend rental, your facilities are prepared to welcome another round of students and teachers.

Especially as another “season of STAAR” is upon us, it’s important to consider the condition of your campus for the sake of your students.

  • Are the classrooms full of dust, causing your students to sneeze?
  • Are the air filters old, sending allergens and other irritants back into the air?
  • Are the hallways clean and dry, to avoid an unnecessary and preventable fall?
  • Is the cafeteria clean, to guard against the spread of food-borne illnesses and cross contamination that could cause food allergies?
  • Has the teacher’s lounge been thoroughly cleaned, to show teachers that they matter?
  • Is the front office and entryway ready to welcome parents?

Let Sonlight Cleaning Services come alongside you and your school to ensure that your students and teachers have a grand finale to their school year!


When The Unexpected Strikes

Thu, 04/25/2019 - 16:31 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I knew it was bad news when I could see the telltale signs on the cabinetry. The typically warm tone of the wooden toe-kick was turning noticeably darker. I reached for some paper towels, hoping beyond hope that the culprit was a stray ice cube that had fallen just out of reach and melted there, but when I swiped my hand across the spot and it came away dry, I instinctively knew what was wrong. Water. But coming from where exactly?

I stepped outside and looked at the building’s exterior. Sure enough, there it was. The brick was a slightly darker shade of red-orange about eighteen inches above the foundation. Cool to the touch, despite the rising warmth of the day. Had the bushes been any higher, I wouldn’t have also noticed the water seeping out of the place where the brick met the foundation.

I knew this could mean only one thing: a broken water pipe.

There’s nothing that will make your heart sink quite like a water leak. If you’ve been in my shoes, you’re all too familiar with that sinking feeling you get when you see water where it’s not supposed to be.

Water is sneaky. It moves all around you--either through pipes in the slab or ceiling. You don’t even notice it’s there until there’s a problem. And when there is a problem, it’s typically a very big problem. Despite the high-quality copper pipes in our facilities, water had worked its way through what the plumber called “pinhole leaks,” small holes that developed over time due to corrosion.

Unexpected water leaks are just a fact of life; they’re unavoidable. They can also be very costly. The same water that gives life can also spell the death of your building and belongings if you don’t act quickly. Drywall, wood, carpet, laminate, cabinetry, furniture… all of these things, if exposed to a water leak, can quickly become damaged beyond repair.

When the unexpected strikes, you need to know who to call. Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company that offers services not only in regular janitorial care, but also in those more specialized areas like flood restoration. When you need to remove water from your floors in a hurry (either due to overflowing toilets or leaky pipes), we’re here to serve you.

And after the plumber has come and gone, leaving you with damp footprints and drywall dust everywhere, we’re here to help you get your building back in order again. Don’t be caught off-guard when the unexpected strikes. When you contract janitorial services through Sonlight Cleaning Services, your specialty cleanup team is just a phone call away!


Reputation and Trust

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 18:34 -- Anonymous (not verified)

When it comes to selecting a commercial cleaning company, most people simply think about the job to be done. Anybody can run a vacuum across the floors. Anybody can wash the windows. Anybody can empty the trash cans.

When many people hear the words “reputation and trust” in the commercial cleaning industry, they may think to themselves… what’s that’s got to do with it?

Here is a scenario for you. Imagine you are about to leave the office for the day. As the facilities manager, you’re often the first one in the door and/or the last one out the door. You walk up to your vehicle and unlock the door. Before you pull out of the drive, you see the van belonging to the commercial cleaning company pulling into the parking lot. What do you feel? Anxiety about the job they will do? Will everything be clean when you walk through the doors tomorrow? Do you have confidence in their personnel? Will they damage anything or--worse--will someone come up to you in the morning and tell you something is missing from their desk? These are things that are worth considering. And it’s why reputation and trust are of utmost importance when considering which commercial cleaning company you choose to work with, especially if they will be working after-hours in your facility.

Sonlight Cleaning Services has been serving the commercial cleaning needs of the greater Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex for over 30 years. We have an outstanding reputation in our community (if we didn’t, we wouldn’t still be thriving in this community)! We have built trust with our customers, some of whom have been with us for over 15 years.

We are Texas owned and operated. We do not franchise. When you work with us, you support local business. Our president and CEO Cathy Reichert is widely recognized in the small business world and has gained Sonlight recognition as one of the top ten women-owned businesses in Tarrant County.

We have high employment standards. All of our personnel undergo a thorough background check. We seek out individuals who are both experienced and have an excellent work history--high moral character is high on our list of priorities when we look for individuals who would be a good fit with our company.

All of Sonlight’s employees are thoroughly trained in both cleaning technique and safety practices, including both OSHA regulations and proper use of chemicals. They are experts in safe handling of both their equipment and your belongings (including furniture). Each team member’s training includes one-on-one attention from a supervisor before being deployed into the field. Why wait? Partner with a cleaning company that brings both experience and skill as well as reputation and trust to the table! 



Do My Facilities Require Daily Cleaning?

Fri, 04/12/2019 - 12:55 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company for the greater Dallas and Fort Worth community. We have been in business for over 30 years right here in DFW and we are here to stay! We’ve got the know-how and experience to back your business of any size--from 5,000 square feet to over one million square feet--for all of your cleaning needs. From daily janitorial maintenance to monthly or semi-annual specialty cleaning projects, we’ve got you covered.

Sonlight is family owned and operated. We do not franchise. For those of you who own a small business, that means we’ve been right there in your shoes. We’ve also come a long way these last thirty years. And that means that as your business scales, we are ready to scale your cleaning services right along with your growing needs.

Regardless of what type of facility you have, one of the biggest questions folks often have is simply, “Do my facilities require daily cleaning?”

Let’s first start by saying that your business is unique. And the needs of your facilities will be as unique as you are! That’s why we don’t offer “standard cleaning packages”--every single one of our contracts is customized to our client. Our cleaning professionals will be happy to talk about your unique needs and tailor-fit a quote for you.

But to help you start thinking in the right direction when it comes to frequency of cleaning, let’s think in familiar terms. Likely the most familiar cleaning routine that you’re accustomed to is that of your home, so we’ll use a typical home for our example.

At my house, I know that there are certain things that need to be done each day and other things that can be done on a weekly (or even monthly basis). On a daily basis, I know I need to wipe down and sanitize any surfaces that come in contact with food as well as spot-sweep those dirt-prone areas with higher foot traffic (namely, all three doors leading to the exterior). On a weekly basis, I know I’ll need to deep-clean bathrooms, dust, vacuum floors, etcetera and so on. Some projects can be done on a monthly basis or even less frequently--like powerwashing the sidewalk and washing the windows--but at certain times of the year (namely, pollen season) these things need to be done much more frequently.

Now did I mention that there are only three of us (and one small dog) in the house?

How many people enter your building on a daily basis? I’d imagine it’s a few more than three! When you begin to multiply the task of cleaning by the number of people who frequent your facilities, it becomes all the more clear just how often these spaces need to be cleaned. Whereas I may be able to vacuum my floors on a weekly basis (because there are only three of us), a floor that gets ten times that kind of traffic in a day will need to be vacuumed daily. A floor that gets ten times that kind of traffic in the first hour the doors are open will need to be vacuumed multiple times per day. Can you see why each company’s needs are so individualized?

At Sonlight Cleaning Services, we honor the unique needs of your office, school, medical facility, church, business, or organization by creating a cleaning plan that is customized to your specific needs. We take into account the number of people who enter your facilities as well as what day(s) or time(s) you tend to have the most foot traffic. From a few times per week to a few times per day, we’ve got your janitorial needs covered!



Make Everyday “Spring Clean

Thu, 04/04/2019 - 12:43 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Spring cleaning.

It’s a concept synonymous with this time of year. As a child, I remember both the excitement and apprehension I felt as the trees and flowers began budding new growth… because I knew--as sure as the grass is green--that the annual “spring cleaning” was about to begin.

It is difficult to trace the exact origin of “spring cleaning,” but it certainly finds its roots deep in history. Some attribute this tradition to the Persians (often associated with the Persian New Year) while others point to the Jewish Passover tradition of cleansing the home of chametz or leavened food. Early in American history, it was not uncommon to utilize warm spring days to cleanse the house of soot from the winter-long use of a coal stove.

Whatever the origin, there is something about a sunny spring day that makes us want to throw open the windows, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. Perhaps inspired by the bright new leaves and flowers, there is something within us that inspires us to make our homes and workplaces shine!

But at Sonlight Cleaning Services, we ask the question, “Why wait until spring?”

Why wait until spring to make your hardwood, vinyl, or linoleum floors reflect the sunlight?

Why wait until spring to freshen up your carpets?

Why wait until spring to remove that hot chocolate stain from the Christmas party?

Why wait until spring to refill the fragrance machines in the restroom?

Why wait until spring to powerwash the pollen off of the sidewalks?

Why wait until spring to wash the windows?

Why wait until spring to clean the upholstery in the break room?

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company in and for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with a passion for helping you make first impressions count! There’s no need to wait for spring when it comes to keeping your office, medical facility, business, industrial building, school, or church looking its best year-round. Our professional staff stands ready to help you create a cleaning checklist that will keep your facilities looking spring-clean every single day.

If you’re already working with another cleaning company and still waiting around for spring, stop waiting and start dialing Sonlight! One of our team members will happily help you create a customized cleaning routine and quote that will have you ready to throw open the windows, put down the mop bucket, and jump for joy. Because when you partner with Sonlight, your facilities will look spring-clean through every season!



Is Your Church Campus Ready for Easter?

Fri, 03/29/2019 - 12:47 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Whether you manage the facilities for a very large or very small church, chances are you’re starting to look ahead to Holy Week and Easter Sunday. A LifeWay Research poll of 1,000 pastors revealed that Easter, Christmas, and Mother’s Day ranked top three (in that order) for “record” attendance in any given year. Humorously called the “Super Bowl Sunday” of church, this special weekend will also bring some of the highest numbers of visitors to your church campus.

No doubt the pastoral staff is preparing the sermon, the volunteer coordinator is preparing his or her team, and the children’s director is preparing for the egg hunt. If you oversee care for the buildings and grounds, you are likely making your own preparations as well. Are your facilities read to put their best face forward?

I’ll never forget the advice a pastor once gave me on this subject. He said that three of his greatest concerns on a Sunday morning were:

  1. Is my sermon polished and ready to go?
  2. How do the bathrooms look?
  3. Is the nursery spotless?

His first point was no surprise but the second two were somewhat unexpected so I asked him why these were so important. He explained that if a visitor attends our church, he has no doubts that they will be greeted by a warm handshake and a friendly smile. They’ll most assuredly be ushered into the coffee area and offered a donut. If they have children, they’ll certainly be pleased by our kind and attentive Sunday School volunteers.

BUT, he added, the two things that can turn away a visitor unlike any other… is a dingy nursery or a dirty toilet. And I daresay he’s right!

The Dallas area alone is home to over 1,200 Christian churches. Sometimes called the “buckle” of the Bible belt, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is filled with churches ready to celebrate Easter Sunday with the joy and honor this occasion is due. Many of the people who will be walking through these church doors may be doing so for the very first time (or for the first time in a long time). The impressions they form of the people in those buildings--and the buildings themselves--can help determine where they will be spending their Sunday mornings in the weeks and months to come.

For more than 30 years, Sonlight Cleaning Services has been partnering with DFW churches to make those first impressions count. We are a Texas Family-Owned and Operated building maintenance company with a heart for serving the local church. Big or small, our team is ready to help your church create a customized cleaning plan to keep your campus looking its very best week after week. Give Sonlight Cleaning Services a call today!


Growing Pains: Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Cleaning Company

Fri, 03/22/2019 - 12:34 -- Anonymous (not verified)

The first day of spring is this week. Growth is all around us! Trees are budding, grass is looking greener, flowering plants are preparing to display their best blooms. But it’s not just plants that are preparing for growth.

With the end of the first fiscal quarter approaching at the end of this month, many businesses use this as a time to evaluate and prepare for what 2019 has yet to hold. In your reflection and evaluation, you may be considering that twofold question: Are we growing currently? And are we prepared for future growth? 

As you make this inquiry, consider the needs of your campus--are you showing signs of outgrowing your current commercial cleaning company? Here are three telltale signs that you may be ready for an upgrade!

You need more services than they offer. At very minimum, a company may offer a standard daily or weekly janitorial service that covers bathroom sanitation, carpet vacuuming, sweeping, and wet mopping of hard floors. These services, while necessary, are very entry-level. Sonlight Cleaning Services is a full-service commercial cleaning company. That means in addition to the services mentioned, we also offer those things that you would otherwise have to contact out to a third party (for example, carpet extraction, window cleaning, exterior surface power washing, janitorial supply purchasing, etc.). If you’re still sending the intern to buy paper towels for the bathroom, you’re probably ready to work with a “grownup” cleaning company!

You have plans to upgrade your facilities. Whether the upgrade involves increasing your square footage or renovating your existing facilities, you want to work with a cleaning company that is capable of handling your needs. You’d be hard-pressed to “outgrow” Sonlight Cleaning Services--we specialize in buildings up to one million square feet.  Additionally, we stay educated in the latest best-practices so we are competent in cleaning even the most state-of-the-art renovation!

You receive complaints about the appearance of your facilities. Nothing is worse than showing up at your office to meet a new client and the coffee stain from the day before is still in full view. At Sonlight Cleaning Services, our tagline is, “When First Impressions Count!” That’s because we know how important the appearance of your facilities is to your business.

If you’re starting to feel growing pains about your current commercial cleaning company, it’s time to give Sonlight Cleaning Services a call. We work with organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes and we’re ready to work with you to create a fully-customizable cleaning plan that will scale right along with your blossoming business. So pick up the phone and get ready to receive compliments about the look of your facilities when you have Sonlight Cleaning Services on your side!


Conference Room Confidence

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 12:56 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Conference rooms are important. Square foot for square foot, no other space in your facility has quite the importance of a conference room… because it’s in your conference room that confidence about your business or organization is built.

Typically furnished with no more than a large table, some chairs, and a whiteboard or projector, this relatively spartan room caries quite a heavy load of responsibility. It is in this room that vision is cast, ideas are born, solutions are brainstormed, teams are built, deals are sealed.

Because of this room’s significance, it is important to treat it with the care that it is due. This is a room that should look immaculate at all times, not least of all because when guests are building a first impression of your company, this is one room they are likely to spend some time in. What does this room say about your company?

I recently visited a business that sells signage. Even though the showroom was set up for “show,” the room I spent the most time in was actually the conference room. As I looked around the room, I noticed everything. Did it look presentable? (Are they an organized team?) Was the table dusty? (Do they pay attention to the details?) Was the whiteboard clean? (Are they ready to work on my project?) It’s amazing how much of my impression of that company was because of what I saw in their conference room.

Does the appearance of your conference room help build confidence in your company?

From your first-impressions experts at Sonlight Cleaning Services, here’s a quick list of questions to help you take stock of your own conference room, top to bottom:

  • Have the light fixtures been recently dusted? Are any light bulbs burned out?
  • Are there scuff marks on the walls? For example, where they have been bumped by a chair.
  • What is the condition of the whiteboard and marker tray? Has it been cleaned since its last use?
  • Does the table shine? Or does it need a good buffing? Is it cluttered?
  • How do the chairs look? Has the upholstery been recently cleaned?
  • Are the floors looking their best? How about the baseboards?

If your conference room is used once per day or less, attention from a night janitor will suffice. But if the room will be used more than once per day (especially in places like financial institutions, educational facilities, and arger office suites), it is essential that this space be checked throughout the day by a day porter. When it comes to using your conference room to build confidence, Sonlight Cleaning Services is there for you!



Extraction or Bonneting: Which is Right for Me?

Fri, 03/08/2019 - 19:04 -- Anonymous (not verified)

If you have carpeting in all of or part of your church, school, medical facility, financial institution, or office building, no doubt you have determined that this type of flooring requires special attention.

Commercial buildings that have carpet benefit from the unequaled “pros” of this type of flooring. Carpet is inarguably more comfortable underfoot, it helps control ambient noise (especially in long hallways or large rooms), and it adds a kind of warmth to a space that hard flooring just can’t quite match.

But along with these pros come certain challenges. Carpet must be cleaned regularly and appropriately in order to have a long, beautiful life in your building.

Today we’re going to talk about two types of carpet cleaning processes--extraction and bonneting--to help you determine which is most appropriate for you.

The first type, extraction, is the recommended carpet cleaning method of Sonlight Cleaning Services. This method is sometimes called “steam cleaning,” but that is a misnomer as steam would be too hot for most carpet materials. Rather, in this method, hot water is sprayed into carpet while being simultaneously sucked away. Dirt, dust, and pollen are loosened and “extracted.” Extraction produces a very deep clean. If particular areas need a little more help, pre-spotting treatment usually takes care of the problem. Say goodbye to even the most stubborn stains!

Sonlight Cleaning Services offers both truck mounted and portable cleaning extraction methods. With either option, you will always get optimal PSI (pounds per square inch) for your cleaning needs.

The other carpet cleaning process, bonneting, is a great option for areas that have 24-hour foot traffic because, compared to extraction, bonneting is a relatively dry process. Bonneting is only recommended for “in between” maintenance as it predominantly cleans the top third of the carpet fibers (unlike extraction, which cleans deep down into the fibers). In bonneting, a chemical spray is applied that attracts dirt. This process is followed by buffing with a highly absorbent pad that works the solution into the carpet and then lifts it up and away. This process can have great results on lightly soiled carpets.

Whether you choose extraction or bonneting, you can always add on disinfecting, deodorizing, and/or protectant services to your cleaning routine (especially beneficial in high-traffic areas). Call or e-mail Sonlight to talk with one of our professionals about which carpet cleaning method is right for you!




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